Three Rivers Gallery & Gifts

Three Rivers Gallery & Gifts

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Located at 613 7th Street, Oregon City, Oregon 97045, inside Singer Hill Cafe

Hours: Tuesday through Sunday – 9-4 (closed Monday)

The requirements to participate in the gallery are:

  • Membership in Three Rivers Artist Guild must be current.
  • All artwork must be made by the artist.
  • A $30 fee for the 2 month installation period, payable on receipt of artwork, will be collected by the gallery for insurance, advertising and gallery costs.
  • A commission of 25% will be deducted from sales. Artist receives 75% commission on sales via check, which is distributed within 30 days from the month of sale.
  • Displaying artists are to staff the gallery one day (or two 1/2 days) a month.
  • Artist provides a one page Artist Statement with photo, and 12 business cards.
  • All art is installed for a 3 month rotation period.
  • Art may not be removed without written approval by the Gallery Committee.
  • Initial acceptance into the gallery is by committee jury.

If you are interested in showing in the gallery, please view review the two-dimensional hanging requirements and look at this great video on how to correctly frame your art.

Gallery News

Thanks to all you wonderful artists who choose to participate in the TRAG gallery and to those that volunteer your precious time to  work in the gallery. We thank you for your dedication to Three Rivers Artist Guild and the TRAG Gallery.

We encourage every artist to come and visit us at 613 7th Street, Oregon City, Oregon 97045 to see unique and exciting items. Also, let your friends know about the gallery, and have your friends notify their friends. Buy local, and support your fellow TRAG members.

If you are new to TRAG, or have not yet shown in the Gallery, you can get on the list for one of the upcoming rotations by contacting Linda Merry Gross at

Three Rivers Artist Guild Gallery

TRAG Gallery Committee

  • Ellen Nawrocki – Chair
  • Barbara Anderson – Orientation
  • Trieste Andrews – Events
  • Ingrid Aubry – Advertising / Artist of the Month
  • Lynne Collum – Bookkeeper
  • Beth Daniell – Feature Writer
  • Kerin Dimeler-Laurence  –Art setup / Inventory in & out
  • Stephanie Gillette – Workshift Scheduling
  • Linda Merry Gross – Scheduling
  • Mary Margaret Hite – Display labels
  • Holly Kroening – Art setup / Inventory in & out
  • Mickey Ronningen – Class scheduler
  • Marianne Ryder – 3D Art set up
  • Billie Shults – Orientation
  • Gary Stutzman – Inventory in & out
  • Thomas Tietze – Art setup / Inventory in & out