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Carol Wagner

Hello there! My passion for knitting and crocheting began 40 years ago, and I have been creating one of a kind jewelry for over 15 years.  I have loved to craft things from a very early age, and enjoy working with a variety of materials such as fabric, metal, wood, stone and yarn, just to name a few.

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Mary Lou Sullivan

I create art to express emotion, and to hopefully communicate emotions to others. It is a great joy to me when people tell me that my art has “touched” them in some way. My collages are often ambiguous or mysterious, and invite the viewer to interpret the story that is being told through them.

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Jo Dee Post

I have always loved the fine details in art. Colors and textures are what excite me the most when I work on a piece. I am also passionate about repurposing antiques and other unused items. I enjoy the creative challenge that comes with transforming something old and forgotten into something beautiful and loved. My passions converge in my beaded baskets, painted vinyl record bowls/wall art, and vintage glassware.

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Heather Andrews

heather4I have always been fascinated by the natural world, from the soil and stones on which we walk, to the creepy crawly critters that the roam the earth, on up to birds which soar through invisible currents of air. Ever since I was a child I would seek out these places, finding peace in the solitude and quiet which nature has to offer. Inspired by this love for the planet, I pursued an undergraduate degree in biology and chemistry, which was shortly followed by a masters in entomology, earned from Virginia Tech.

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Terry Rocheleau

Terry’s richly-textured beadwork reflects a lifetime fascination with color and design. Some pieces pulse with rhythmic vibrancy, like tightly-figured snakeskins.  Some faceted floral designs are like finely-crafted vintage jewelry.  Still others are innocently playful, with embroidery-like motifs of kittens and puppies.Terry Rocheleau

The similarity to stitch work is no accident.  Terry began her artistic journey with a quilting class in 1981.  Before long, she was winning blue ribbons for her quilts in the Yamhill and Clackamas County Fairs!  In the 1990’s, she poured her energy into scrapbooking.  “They became my little quilt pages,” she tells us.  Friends introduced her to beading in 2007, “and I was hooked” she adds.  “Beads all line up in a row one way or another like quilts and scrapbook pages.  I love the colors and textures I can make with them.”

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