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Mike Moullet II

artshow 2 mike moulletPottery is my connection to the earth we live on. To combine earth, water and fire is one of the most primitive expressions of life lived. Yet it still sustains us in the world we live in today.three rivers artist guild page1

I have been working with clay for over 25 years. Raku is a great love of mine- the surprise and spontaneity of the process feeds my need for instant gratification. Alternately, I enjoy the depth and flexibility that stoneware provides as a means to create functional items people use and touch every day. It is a process that teaches me patience. For the person purchasing a pottery piece, it is usually a thoughtful process. How will this fit in my home, my life…to be a part of that is extremely rewarding.

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Diane Hillison



Candle Making

My name is Diane Hillison and I make all-natural soy candles.  What’s really special about them is, first of all, they smell absolutely wonderful.  I have 30+ scents at any given time and I am always trying new ones.  I also have several different colors and the containers make them look very special.  But the most wonderful thing is that while you are burning the candles, you can stick your finger into the melted waxRose candle (No, it’s not hot) and use it for hand lotion!


If you’d like to see what they look like and find out more about soy candles, please check out my web site at: