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Marilyn Woods

I cannot remember a time that I wasn’t making things. It has always been “me”. I have been a potter for many years, and now I also am painting, to my delight. I paint mostly in acrylic and love that for the color – yes, the colors. With ceramics you don’t get to see the colors until you are finished.

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Ha Austin

photo 2

Ha Austin specializes in two very different types of pottery. Her hand-thrown crystalline porcelain is created with a special glaze creating breath-taking frost-like patterns – an abstract pattern of the unexpected. She also creates a separate line of tableware, based on the 1700’s technique of “Sgraffito” (Italian for “scratch”). Plates and bowls come alive with figurative images of roosters, owls, fish and leaves


Learn more at – including more about her encounter with Drew Carney on Channel 8 news!

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Mike Moullet II

artshow 2 mike moulletPottery is my connection to the earth we live on. To combine earth, water and fire is one of the most primitive expressions of life lived. Yet it still sustains us in the world we live in today.three rivers artist guild page1

I have been working with clay for over 25 years. Raku is a great love of mine- the surprise and spontaneity of the process feeds my need for instant gratification. Alternately, I enjoy the depth and flexibility that stoneware provides as a means to create functional items people use and touch every day. It is a process that teaches me patience. For the person purchasing a pottery piece, it is usually a thoughtful process. How will this fit in my home, my life…to be a part of that is extremely rewarding.

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