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Jason Faucera

We have something in common: a love for pictures…

Elevator in the Moonlight - © 2012, Jason Faucera, All Rights Reserved
Elevator in the Moonlight – © 2012, Jason Faucera, All Rights Reserved

Shadow Quality is the name and home I have made for my photographic endeavors. You might ask what the name means and what it has to do with my approach to image making? Early on I spent my time trying to expose for every detail within the frame. As a result I found that my photos lacked character. In time I learned to see that shadows add depth, emotion, and shape to images.

My love of pictures is derived from the feeling a photo evokes as much as it is from the objects in the photos themselves. To me this is attributable as much to what is hidden in the shadows as it is to what is in plain view. It’s the interplay between light and dark that I love, and it is a photo’s Shadow Quality that defines it.

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Billie Shults

I was introduced to energy healing in the 1980’s and took a Therapeutic Touch class. I belonged to a Women’s Group where several members knew Reiki and would have Reiki Circles in their homes.  It was a pleasant experience, which had I known how life changing it could be, I would have pursued my training much sooner.  Reiki has changed my life. As I have committed myself to this healing art, I can confidently say that Reiki has a dramatic affect on my clients also.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. I am blessed to be able to share this beautiful gift of healing with others.

Laura Rambo

My art explorations began in 2007 after a medical retirement. One afternoon I came across my old point and shoot camera and thought, “what the heck, nothing ventured nothing gained’; so with camera in hand I stepped outside into my flower garden….my healing had begun!

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