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Sheila DeLaquil

It’s the adventure of painting that moves me to start a new piece. I begin with inspirations of color, movement and structure, and as the painting progresses, I think more about harmony and composition. I keep my mind open to playfulness and unpredictability, realizing that more often than not, things that “just happen” are a gift. My work is experimental and expressive. I make marks and add shapes. At the same time, I observe what’s actually happening on the surface I paint, I draw, I reflect on what I see. Mystery is important. The unexpected is a bonus. The challenge is to figure out what’s next. And when to stop. Ultimately, I believe that I’ve created a successful painting if it’s unanticipated, and if there’s a good chance that fascination with the painting will last well beyond the viewer’s first interaction.


Sheila DeLaquil


TJ Kirkpatrick


Encaustic paint, made by mixing melted bees wax with natural ground pigments, is used to create unique tj-kirkpatrick-alaskan-fireweed-1landscape scenes as well as abstract and semi-abstract works of art. Encaustic paint is extremely versatile in that the surface can be manipulated to create depth and texture. The works are created by using heat to fuse layers of paint together and removing layers by scratching the paint away. The medium is unique as it hardens and dries very quickly once the heat source is removed.

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