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Carol Wagner

Hello there! My passion for knitting and crocheting began 40 years ago, and I have been creating one of a kind jewelry for over 15 years.  I have loved to craft things from a very early age, and enjoy working with a variety of materials such as fabric, metal, wood, stone and yarn, just to name a few.

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Patti Nelson

Patti Nelson

I am mostly self-taught.

I seem to connect with the spirit of my subject: the emotion, charm, personality & intention of each animal, tree, barn, water, etc.

My goal is for the viewer to feel my artwork as a living entity.Bone photo patti nelson

Patti Nelson

Holly J. Kroening

Under Grace

Holly J. Kroening is a native Oregonian, mother and grandmother.  She and her husband Dwayne line in Oregon City.  Her father, Ed Jerman, was her inspiration.  Art is a matter of taste, no single flavor works for everyone.

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Lynda Orzen

Fiber | Beads

The threads of Lynda Orzen’s artistry are woven into the fabric of the Oregon City community as well as her fiber arts designs.  “My real art is working with organizations and events,” she tells us.  Lynda is one of the original founders of the Three Rivers Artist Guild (TRAG) and helped weave the local artists’ role into the First City Celebration.

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Linda Spillum

I LOVE THE UNIQUE! I keep an eye out for things often overlooked. I scan for reflections, wild storms or the unusual…such as “monsters” in nature. I see beauty in the minute design of all things. Close-ups of flowers, seeds and pods are fascinating to me.

My education included Edward’s “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.” I practiced “seeing” and drawing upside down. My imagination was stimulated. This education opened all areas of my art production. Not only photography, but also collage. Surprisingly,

I was even seeing new bases for dreamcatchers! Spiders can go anywhere!2013Lindacrop_967

Hodgepodge Art, my chosen name, certainly fits me. It was taken to reflect my multiple interests. Varied art experiences keep me motivated. For instance, mixed media collage, woodworking, and quilting are skills I believe continue to change my artistic perspective positively.

My artist brand seen many places i.e.. website, professional cards, art pieces etc., indicates my prairie roots of Nebraska with its buffalo, and the 3-pt. Celtic design in the circle shows my ancestry reaching beyond the Mayflower to Europe.

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