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Karla Piatt

I have an exciting new line of fused glass art available this year and some great shows ahead. I hope to see you all there!

Art is like the air we breathe.Through – warm glass and acrylic painting, I have found an avenue to express myself in ways I had never dreamed. Each design is composed of one piece of fused glass, personally designed and hand cut, mounted onto a reinforced uniquely designed canvas.  My goal with warm glass is to find a way to express myself through pushing the boundaries of technology – why do we need two layers of glass? How much open space is feasible. The answers to these and otherquestions have led me to some amazing creations. I have not yet reached my limit and to push to larger and more complex pieces.

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Mitzi Kugler

mitzi5My love of Pacific NW outdoors inspires my art. As I design a piece, I try to imagine it finished: How will my art piece interact in its environment and how will it elicit a response from the person viewing it?
I use frit—a variety of ground glass—to create layers in my pieces.

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