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Jerilyn Walker

All of our pieces are handmade, and many will have slight variations from the style as pictured. natural stones, pearls and gems all vary.

jeriwalker1 All of our Artisan pieces of silver made with PMC are made one at a time giving each a special look of it’s own. The tree lichen, seed pods and most leaves are one of a kind due to the fact that the original burns away in the firing process. In cases such as these we can always produce a piece approximately the same size but not the exact same item. This is what is special about Nature.

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Christina Fowler-Thias

Each day I walk through life astonished and grateful for the beauty that surrounds me. I see it in my garden, my community of friends and in the extraordinary environment and people of the Northwest where I live. I search for it in line, color, texture, like foraging a feast for the eyes. My process begins with this. The making is my way of expressing that joyful response in the form of jewelry or body adornments.

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