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Nikki Dilbeck

When I look at the world, I’m attracted to color and light, texture and shape. My inspiration for a painting can be generated from all manner of stimuli – a word or phrase, a color or textural element, weather, or a view from the road or an airplane window. I’m an intuitive painter, so that kernel of beginning may morph into a painting entirely different from its origin. It usually does.

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Christina Fowler-Thias

Each day I walk through life astonished and grateful for the beauty that surrounds me. I see it in my garden, my community of friends and in the extraordinary environment and people of the Northwest where I live. I search for it in line, color, texture, like foraging a feast for the eyes. My process begins with this. The making is my way of expressing that joyful response in the form of jewelry or body adornments.

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Mary Lou Sullivan

I create art to express emotion, and to hopefully communicate emotions to others. It is a great joy to me when people tell me that my art has “touched” them in some way. My collages are often ambiguous or mysterious, and invite the viewer to interpret the story that is being told through them.

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