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Nikki Dilbeck

When I look at the world, I’m attracted to color and light, texture and shape. My inspiration for a painting can be generated from all manner of stimuli – a word or phrase, a color or textural element, weather, or a view from the road or an airplane window. I’m an intuitive painter, so that kernel of beginning may morph into a painting entirely different from its origin. It usually does.

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Christina Fowler-Thias

Each day I walk through life astonished and grateful for the beauty that surrounds me. I see it in my garden, my community of friends and in the extraordinary environment and people of the Northwest where I live. I search for it in line, color, texture, like foraging a feast for the eyes. My process begins with this. The making is my way of expressing that joyful response in the form of jewelry or body adornments.

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Anita Reuther

I believe it was during my High School years that being creative became a compelling necessity. That inner voice is becoming stronger with age and now is opening up many new avenues to pursue. Being spontaneous and totally engrossed in creating art is a direction I am embracing.

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