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James Davis

Jim Davis is a resident of Oregon City, Oregon where the waterfalls are a constant source of inspiration. Mt. Hood beckons from the east and the Pacific Ocean from the west.  In between lies the Columbia River Gorge with its breathtaking scenery,  landscapes, and …waterfalls.

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Jude Welter

My art background is a varied one, beginning with graphic arts courses.  I was a young mother wishing to do something that would not take me far from home, would allow me to be somewhat creative, and would eventually welter4generate some income.  I did get my wish and was hired to be staff artist for an advertising agency in Portland.  The days of Denny, Walls, Ross & Wright taught me the true meaning of cut and paste, using scissors and blades and glue!

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Dorothy Sherman

I make my art in order to share what I see in the world – especially the beauty of nature, the wonders of the natural world, the amazing things that people have made. I enjoy photographs and I enjoy taking photographs. My mother had a friend who was a photographer and I just loved the images he created. Now I try to do the same thing. I do this in photo cards and matted prints. I enjoy finding just the right “finishing touch” of color or texture in a mat, frame or card stock, to go with my photo.

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Denise Avery

What I love the most about my photos is that they are a result of spending time with my friends and family.  I rarely take time to just shoot pictures.  So each image is very personal and I’m thrilled to share them with you  –  Denise

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Susan Thomas

I’ve never been satisfied with making art for beauty’s sake alone.


After 40 years teaching in California and Oregon schools, Sue Thomas is doing full time what she sketched in the museums of New York, Florence, and Amsterdam. The seeds of her artistic direction were planted early with family trips to the Metropolitan Art Museum in New York from her native New Jersey.

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