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Ellen Shefi


Ellen Shefi – Photography

Ellen’s dual passions for travel and nature have been with her since childhood.  Intrigued with color, texture, and repeated geometric patterns, she embraced photography, eventually creating ELF Studios in 2006.

The organizing symmetry of her subjects adds a unique element to her compositions.  “Sunrise Mt Hood” and “Blue Sunset, Mt. Jefferson” are almost meditative in the calm horizontal lines of clouds and mountain ranges at the dawn-and-dusk edges of the day.  “Lavender Fields with Mt. Hood” combines the formal symmetry of a classic European garden with the untamed exuberance of lush lavender and Mt. Hood’s snowy slopes.  “Full Moon” puts the dominant moon in the exact center of the photo, framed by leafless, grasping branches.

Ellen also works with a medium she calls “paint-o-graphy,” augmenting photos with blocks of vibrant color to achieve special effects.  You can reach Ellen at