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Deborah Alysoun

"Fruit and Poppy on Celadon Plate" - © Deborah Alysoun.  All rights reserved.
“Fruit and Poppy on Celadon Plate” – © Deborah Alysoun. All rights reserved.

I’m an artist not only because I make art, but because it’s the way I perceive and respond to the world.  It’s simply my makeup.  My creative spirit generates ideas non-stop, far more than I can ever execute.

"Christie's Favorite" - © Deborah Alysoun.  All rights reserved.
“Christie’s Favorite” – © Deborah Alysoun. All rights reserved.

My art is primarily about celebrating beauty.  Whatever medium I choose — colored pencil, graphite pencil, pastel, paint, paper collage, clay, fiber — I always gravitate to nature for subject matter and inspiration.  And sometimes materials I gather directly from the earth become my medium.

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Cherilyn SunRidge

I am a painter, creating rich, earthy, wholesome art, using internal & external imagery. Whether landscape, figurative, or abstract sacred hoop forms, I begin with delineation of the four sacred directions. This is what holds the work and gives purpose to a piece.

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Randy Ainsworth

I am a self-taught artist except for a few art classes I recently took at Clackamas Community College. I graduated June of 2012 and received my Certification in Graphic Art and Web Design. I started drawing and painting at a very young age and was inspired and encouraged by my mother to draw and paint every day.

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