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James Davis

Jim Davis is a resident of Oregon City, Oregon where the waterfalls are a constant source of inspiration. Mt. Hood beckons from the east and the Pacific Ocean from the west.  In between lies the Columbia River Gorge with its breathtaking scenery,  landscapes, and …waterfalls.

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Anita Reuther

I believe it was during my High School years that being creative became a compelling necessity. That inner voice is becoming stronger with age and now is opening up many new avenues to pursue. Being spontaneous and totally engrossed in creating art is a direction I am embracing.

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Susan Black

blackI am an artist, a writer, an art community volunteer and a mentor whose goal is to cultivate my own and others’ creativity.

As an artist, I have chosen watercolor as my primary medium, followed closely by pastel. I paint what interests me — usually the landscape and the abstract, and sometimes I can’t tell the difference. I seek simplification and I enjoy experimentation. I want to distill my chosen subject, emotion or thought to what I feel is its basic sense — preferably in a way that would not occur to anyone else.

black1  black5black2

I now live in Aurora, Oregon.

Heather Andrews

heather4I have always been fascinated by the natural world, from the soil and stones on which we walk, to the creepy crawly critters that the roam the earth, on up to birds which soar through invisible currents of air. Ever since I was a child I would seek out these places, finding peace in the solitude and quiet which nature has to offer. Inspired by this love for the planet, I pursued an undergraduate degree in biology and chemistry, which was shortly followed by a masters in entomology, earned from Virginia Tech.

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