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Deborah Alysoun

"Fruit and Poppy on Celadon Plate" - © Deborah Alysoun.  All rights reserved.
“Fruit and Poppy on Celadon Plate” – © Deborah Alysoun. All rights reserved.

I’m an artist not only because I make art, but because it’s the way I perceive and respond to the world.  It’s simply my makeup.  My creative spirit generates ideas non-stop, far more than I can ever execute.

"Christie's Favorite" - © Deborah Alysoun.  All rights reserved.
“Christie’s Favorite” – © Deborah Alysoun. All rights reserved.

My art is primarily about celebrating beauty.  Whatever medium I choose — colored pencil, graphite pencil, pastel, paint, paper collage, clay, fiber — I always gravitate to nature for subject matter and inspiration.  And sometimes materials I gather directly from the earth become my medium.

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James Davis

Jim Davis is a resident of Oregon City, Oregon where the waterfalls are a constant source of inspiration. Mt. Hood beckons from the east and the Pacific Ocean from the west.  In between lies the Columbia River Gorge with its breathtaking scenery,  landscapes, and …waterfalls.

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Anita Reuther

I believe it was during my High School years that being creative became a compelling necessity. That inner voice is becoming stronger with age and now is opening up many new avenues to pursue. Being spontaneous and totally engrossed in creating art is a direction I am embracing.

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Jeannie Hemming

Raised in the rural outskirts of Oregon City, Jeannie spent much of her free time roaming the countryside, admiring and sketching animals and landscapes. At the age of 10, she received an Etch A Sketch®, and immediately began delighting friends and family with her complex and realistic “EtchArt” continuous line drawings (created by turning the knobs, and then preserved by removing the aluminum ‘sand’).

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Randy Ainsworth

I am a self-taught artist except for a few art classes I recently took at Clackamas Community College. I graduated June of 2012 and received my Certification in Graphic Art and Web Design. I started drawing and painting at a very young age and was inspired and encouraged by my mother to draw and paint every day.

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