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Melissa Sleasman

Hi! I’m Melissa Sleasman, an amateur photographer based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

I use photography as a way to interact with the world around me. A way to show appreciation for the beauty that is all around us every day. A way to be present, mindful and engaged with my surroundings.

I am typically drawn to details and patterns; so my images are often focused on isolated subjects or just a portion of what’s in front of me. This allows me to keep my images simple and provides unique views of common subjects.

Who's There
Who’s There

My subjects include nature, abstract patterns and really anything else that captures my eye. I am drawn to vibrant, saturated colors but also love the simplicity of black and white. I like to think that if my images had a voice, they would say to the viewer “Slow down. There is beauty everywhere. Come, let me show you.”

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Vldn Taylor

Thanks for visiting my online Gallery

My name is Vldn Taylor (Pronounced Veldon or well done but with a V.) If you would like to know how I got my name, read the book “Notes from Out of the Shadows” by Garnet June. Or if you get a chance to meet me in person just ask. I was born in the Midwest and moved to Oregon with my parents when I was two.

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Debra Orlean

Debra Orlean has lived in Oregon for over 30 years after relocating from Ohio. She started using a camera at a young age and loved to capture all of the beauty around her ranging from flowers to landscapes.

Her photography is typified by the theme chosen for her business card “Natural Reflections”. She is passionate about nature and is lucky enough to live on the Tualatin River where wildlife abounds including herons, bald eagles, ospreys, beaver, songbirds and Pacific treefrogs. For several years, Debra was captivated by the adorable frogs and was able to photograph them in flowers and on tree branches. One of her frog photographs was used for an advertisement for Thames Water’s Australian Environmental Directory

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Jason Faucera

We have something in common: a love for pictures…

Elevator in the Moonlight - © 2012, Jason Faucera, All Rights Reserved
Elevator in the Moonlight – © 2012, Jason Faucera, All Rights Reserved

Shadow Quality is the name and home I have made for my photographic endeavors. You might ask what the name means and what it has to do with my approach to image making? Early on I spent my time trying to expose for every detail within the frame. As a result I found that my photos lacked character. In time I learned to see that shadows add depth, emotion, and shape to images.

My love of pictures is derived from the feeling a photo evokes as much as it is from the objects in the photos themselves. To me this is attributable as much to what is hidden in the shadows as it is to what is in plain view. It’s the interplay between light and dark that I love, and it is a photo’s Shadow Quality that defines it.

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Marlynn Rust

Marlynn Rust is a true native Oregonian and has lived there her entire life.  At an early age she began her interest in photography.  She traveled extensively around the world capturing the beauty overseas, but found her home state has such incredible beauty that she is staying closer to home and exploring old and new places.  She has discovered that capturing that near perfect image is mostly a matter of being at the right place at the right time.  It helps to plan ahead to be at that right place during the golden hours just before sunrise and sunset to catch that soft light.

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Bill Waterman

Bill Waterman has had a love of photography for most of his life and especially enjoyed the magnificence of Alaska’s landscapes, peoples and animals. Those days of film photography have given way to the digital age and Bill’s love of everything Canon, which he employs to capture the abundance of native wildlife along the Tualatin River, Bill keeps his camera equipment close at all times. While traveling Bill and his wife Chris enjoy capturing their memories and adding to his ever growing body of photographic work.

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D. Paul Angel

Paul is a photographer, writer, and nerd; though not necessarily in that order. He has a wide, eclectic range of interests, and after 15 years in the legal field* he is (finally) turning his eye towards more creative pursuits.

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Carrie Trax

Carrie Trax is a native of Pennsylvania and immigrated to Oregon in 2005. Carrie’s passion for food has been with her as long as she can remember. After moving to Oregon she continued her interest in food but while traveling through the Pacific Northwest she became interested both in the food and in capturing that food photographically.

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