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Bob Fuquay

I enjoy working with wood, it is always a little mysterious because you never know what lies inside until you start to work it. My goal is to make the best use of each piece, some become art, some become firewood. You just have to be flexible and have a sense of humor.

Bob FuQuay

Joe Escriva


“From Trees to Treasure”

To that end, woodturning is the most interesting, joyful leg of my journey to date. There is something elegant about the look and feel of wood. True beauty can be drawn from even damaged, compromised materials. I enjoy the whole process, finding and selecting materials, applying ideas that best show the materials and to their best advantage.

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Tom Bliquez

tom-bliquez-1I have lived in Oregon my whole life and in Oregon City for the past 21 years. I am a self-trained woodworker and was influenced at a very young age. Recently I have found my true passion…….building unique, functional, rustic artwork out of reclaimed wood.

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John Trax

John Trax is a native of Pennsylvania and immigrated to Oregon in 2005.

john trax

He and his wife Carrie are both photographers, traveling over much of the Pacific Northwest.

His images have been used for book covers, published in newspapers and used on numerous websites and blogs, including Food Network and the Wall Street Journal. His fine art work is available in several Oregon shops and galleries as well as online.

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