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Billie Shults

I was introduced to energy healing in the 1980’s and took a Therapeutic Touch class. I belonged to a Women’s Group where several members knew Reiki and would have Reiki Circles in their homes.  It was a pleasant experience, which had I known how life changing it could be, I would have pursued my training much sooner.  Reiki has changed my life. As I have committed myself to this healing art, I can confidently say that Reiki has a dramatic affect on my clients also.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. I am blessed to be able to share this beautiful gift of healing with others.

Beth Daniell

XmasCollectionAutumnCollectionI am the Guild’s Feature Writer, generating monthly newsletter articles on member artists, gallery rotations, art events, community partnerships and the artistic process. I also create tree ornaments and home décor from my hand-gathered and painted pine cones, which have been displayed in our gallery and local shows.

Robert (Bob) Bresky

I make art to entertain, engage, teach, and touch. I express my art through digital camera images and written books. A photograph is just an excuse to make up a funny title that gets a chuckle or smile. In a book, a picture helps bring the text alive. Through subject matter, composition, light, and color I hope to engage and teach the viewer or reader. My books are longhand versions of subjects that interest me. My photographs are the shorthand version of my books.

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Cherilyn SunRidge

I am a painter, creating rich, earthy, wholesome art, using internal & external imagery. Whether landscape, figurative, or abstract sacred hoop forms, I begin with delineation of the four sacred directions. This is what holds the work and gives purpose to a piece.

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Randy Ainsworth

I am a self-taught artist except for a few art classes I recently took at Clackamas Community College. I graduated June of 2012 and received my Certification in Graphic Art and Web Design. I started drawing and painting at a very young age and was inspired and encouraged by my mother to draw and paint every day.

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