Storefront Art Gallery and Event project (SAGE) – Art Is Getting Installed!

The first piece for the Storefront Art Gallery and Events project has been installed! This program provides beautiful…

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5 more beautiful art pieces installed for the Storefront Art Gallery project to promote vacant available space for lease…

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Call for Artists: One-Day-Only Open Show

A non-juried art show in Lake Oswego, OR

Exhibit date: 11am – 5pm on September 26, 2020

Register online only September 15 – 22, 2020

This one-day exhibition hosted by Lakewood Center for the Arts is one of several new programs resulting from the transition of the 2020 Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts to smaller events in the wake of COVID-19. This exhibition will only be up for a single day and will support up to 150 artists! Inspired by our annual Open Show, the One-Day-Only Open Show will display work from emerging and established artists, and everyone is welcome to show their artworks without a jury process. This exhibit will be entirely outside and art will be hung from large construction fencing. Artists will be assigned a 3.5’ wide x 6’ tall fencing portion upon which to hang a maximum of 5 works per artist. A limited number of cash and non-cash awards will be presented to visual artworks, which are sponsored by area businesses, organizations, and individuals. Different arts professionals are selected as jurors each year. 

Apply online between Tuesday, Sept. 15 – Tuesday, Sept. 22, 11:59pm.

Exhibit Notes

Please join us in creating a memorable and unique art experience for Lake Oswego residents and surrounding communities. Each artist will be given a space in which to display their art, allowing visitors to engage with and celebrate each artist’s unique vision. All artists will install their own work on the fences using ‘s’ hooks provided by the Festival. 3D work placed directly in front of assigned fence panel is allowed, but pedestals will not be provided by the Festival. Please also understand that 3D work that could tip over from wind or bumping should NOT be entered into this exhibition. All artworks must be for sale during this exhibition, and each artwork can be priced no higher than $1500. In response to COVID 19 and governmental safety regulations, a limited number of visitors will be allowed into the large, outdoor exhibition area at any time. The exhibition area will be monitored, and due to a limited number of people allowed in the exhibition area, artists cannot stay with their work during the exhibition hours. Masks will be required at all times during setup and take down, and during the open hours of the event. Thank you!

Works Eligible

  • Only original artwork created within the last two (2) years and not previously entered in past Open Shows will be accepted.
  • Diptychs, triptychs, and/or sets may be entered as one of your five works and sold with one price. Some examples:
    • Single pieces in any media are eligible.
    • A set of hand-thrown wine glasses may be entered as one piece with one price.
    • A collection of ceramic fruit may be entered and sold as a set.
    • Two paintings that depict a garden, which are to be hung together as a diptych, may be entered as one piece with one price.
  • Each artist may include up to 5 individual artworks.
  • You will hang your own artworks on your assigned chain panel using ‘s’ hooks provided by the event. No other hanging mechanism can be used.
  • Not accepted: artwork requiring electrical outlets from the venue, mechanical prints, giclées, or copies of other artists’ works.


  • All 2D entries must be dry, framed, matted (or wrapped canvas), mounted, and hung with PICTURE HANGING WIRE. All glass must be properly secured. (No Uniframes, zigger type or rings, chains, garden or jewelry wire, or string). Artists will be hanging their own work using ‘s’ hooks, and are responsible for any damage to the artwork due to faulty hanging equipment on their artworks. 


  • Online Registration (NO on-site registration!): 
    • Begins Tuesday, Sept. 15 – Ends Tuesday, Sept. 22, 11:59pm. Register HERE starting September 15.
    • Don’t delay registering! Only the first 150 registered artists may participate.
  • Artist Check-in and Artwork Setup:
    • Saturday, September 26, 2020, 7am-10am (install times will be assigned to each artist), at Lakewood Center for the Arts
    • Artists must wear masks and respect social distancing requirements in place at the time of installation.
  • One-Day-Only Open Show hours: 
    • Saturday, September 26, 2020, 11am – 5pm
  • Pick up unsold art:
    • Saturday, September 26, 2020, 5:30pm – 6:30pm


All artwork must be for sale and priced no higher than $1500. A 20% commission from all sales will be retained by the Festival, so prices assigned by the artist must include the Festival commission. For example: Upon the sale of an artwork priced at $200, $40 would go to the Festival, and $160 would go to the artist. All proceeds benefit the Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts, an arts education event that remains free to the public and is an event of the nonprofit organization, Lakewood Center for the Arts.

Registration Requirements

Artists are required to register in advance and hang their own artwork in the One-Day-Only Open Show on September 26, 2020 between 7am-10am. 

  • Each artist will be assigned a 3.5’ wide x 6’ tall fencing portion upon which to hang their art.
  • A maximum of 5 pieces of artwork per artist can be displayed.
  • Each artwork must be for sale, and priced no higher than $1,500.
  • There are NO registration fees to participate in this event.
  • Due to COVID-19 and necessary safety protocol, each artist must be able to carry and hang all their artworks without assistance from the event staff. There will be NO art holding areas or common spaces available to artists while they check in or during this event.
  • Artists must wear masks and respect social distancing requirements in place at the time of installation.

Rules of Participation

Cick here to view the Rules of Participation for the Open Show – all the facts about entering the One-Day-Only Open Show.


Sue Smith, Coordinator of the One-Day-Only Open Show, or Selena Jones, Festival Coordinator
Phone: 503.636.1060
Street address: Lakewood Center for the Arts, 368 S. State Street, Lake Oswego, OR 97034
Mailing address: Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts, PO Box 385, Lake Oswego, OR 97034

Kudos Korner – so many Artists and those who support them!

This month’s Kudo’s goes out to all the Artists who have worked so hard to make September happen:

  • The Gallery – Susan Woodworth, Holly Kroening, Jeanne Kelley Brown, Cheri Bosserman, Yelena Shabrova, Trieste Andrews, and all the artists who applied for the first rotation
  • SAGE project – Tamara Scott, Lynda Orzen, Kerry Edwards, Trieste Andrews, Yelena Shabrova, and all the Artists who submitted their work
  • The Heritage Figures – Lucas Nickerson, Tamara Scott, Olivia Scott, Susan Woodworth, Judy Haas, Heather Merrifield, and Trieste Andrews
  • The Mural Code – Trieste Andrews, Lynda Orzen, and Yelena Shabrova 

And let’s give a big shout out to some of our unsung heroes – the supportive husbands, families and friends who somehow get roped into most of the things we do. They not only sacrifice their personal time with us so we can pursue our passions but help out as well. John Woodworth who traveled back and forth to Salem with his wife Sue picking up slat boards for the gallery rooms, and then cutting and mounting them in the Gallery. Roger Rau, Trieste Andrews’ husband, who laid in the gallery carpets, made the boards for the Heritage Figures, and mounted new hanging kits in the café. And all of our wives, husbands, children and friends who support us every step of the way, who understand that “10 more minutes” on an art project sometimes turns into another hour – and understand that our passion for art is who we are – and love us anyway.


TRAG has been asked to participate in a fun interactive fundraising day with Citizens Bank. On September 10th FROM 10AM – 1PM Citizens is organizing a fun way to donate $2000 to 15 of Oregon City’s non-profits – and TRAG was asked to participate as one of the non-profits! Each non-profit was asked to design a box to catch the public’s eye. These will be placed outside the bank. Then people coming to attend the event will be given a few marbles and attempt to throw the marbles into their favorite box. Each participant will receive $100, but the box with the most marbles will win an additional $400 and second place will win an additional $300. Think of carnival games, but instead of winning a kewpie doll we can receive up to $500 for TRAG. So come on Thursday the 10th anytime from 10am – 1pm at Citizens Bank 19245 Molalla Ave across from the Post office and join the fun!

Three Rivers Gallery & Gifts Update for September

By Susan Woodworth

By the time you read this newsletter, TRAG’s Gallery Art/in weekend August 28th, 29th 30th will have come and gone, and on September 2nd the TRAG desk’s welcome sign will have been turned on. The 4 musketeers: Trieste Andrews, Holly Kroening, Jeanne Kelly Brown and I spent lots of sweaty, fun and encouraging hours working together in the Gallery. Cheri Bosserman connected TRAG to our WIFI and set up the iPad for square charges – now ready for the Gallery’s first sale. Come visit, or bring your Art in for the September October rotation, and you will find new paint, new carpet, moved cubbies and jewelry cabinets, mopped floors and more slat wall sheets so pictures can be hung without holes in the walls. 
The new Yvonne’s at Singer Hill has also given us permission to hang 2D art in the café at their discretion. We will have the large area in the cafe room that leads into the Gallery. September and October will feature art from TRAG’s artists. Moving forward, we will dedicate this space for emerging artists from our local schools and colleges.

The new TRAG gallery committee continues to organize and do the necessary work to reopen our space. TRAG has a new Gallery/Artist contract, Indemnity and Hold Harmless Agreement and 2D and 3D tags and labels for artwork. These forms are all located on the TRAG website. 

Social distancing rules will be strictly adhered to. All art items will have visible tags for customers to view without having to pick them up. If customers wish to pick up the art, gloves will be required and supplied by the Gallery manager. As with all retail spaces at the present time, we will have social distancing signs, gloves, hand sanitizer, and masks required and available for all. 

We have had to follow the lead of Yvonne’s cafe opening in fits and starts in trying to pick a reopening date for the gallery. Our current rotation for September/October was chosen to whet the appetite of the customers. Our goal is then to provide a full November/December rotation for holiday shopping. As we move into the new year of 2021, rotations will be 3 months each.  

As I painted in the gallery over the last weekend, I had the first exciting glimmer of what Yvonne’s cafe clientele attendance (and potentially our own) will be like. My first clue was seeing “so many cars” parked all around the cafe. As I entered the café, I found people sitting at tables on the sidewalk, and people waiting to go in as they adhered to the social distancing rules.  All this – and Yvonne’s was still only serving coffee and pastries. The cafe will start serving breakfast the last weekend of August. Yvonne and her staff are just lovely and are excited as we are for TRAG’s potential for exposure. 

Note some TRAG gallery changes as we work with our new tentmates of Yvonne’s at Singer Hill.  TRAG artists coming to the gallery to work or visit must use the cafe’s main door. The door that enters the large room where the Gallery is located will remain locked per the cafe’s request. This is due to current COVID restrictions and ensuring that no more than the maximum number of people are allowed in the café space at one time. The café staff will be mentioning our Gallery as they bring customers to their seats.  We can use that door to put our Gallery sandwich board out each morning but place it by the main door. Make sure the door is relocked after reentering the café. Also, the café’s hours are 7am – 3pm. We will address those hours for the next rotation. Pre-Covid Singer Hill Cafe gave a TRAG members a 10% discount on any purchases made while working in the gallery. As Yvonne’s is just starting and having to run at 1/2 capacity we will not be asking for any discounts. Last but not least – make sure you wear your masks while working or visiting the gallery with noses covered. This is a state requirement for service industries.

If you have questions and concerns, please feel free to let the gallery committee know. Please be kind. Keep in mind that we are all volunteers working our hardest to promote you and our TRAG gallery. The suggestion box is gone. In its place is a blank journal for ongoing comments, suggestions and questions. Kind of like a Gallery Diary. These are difficult times, and we welcome not only suggestions, but any help you can give.

We welcome you to share our opening on your social media platforms and to all your friends and family.  TRAG Gallery and Yvonne’s at Singer Hill will be open 7 days a week 9-2pm starting September 2nd. See you there! 

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The Clay Place Re-opens for Fall 2020!


The Clay Place is the Umpqua Valley region’s only community Clay Studio! For beginners and lifelong learners (artists never stop developing!), we offer classes with instruction in a variety of ceramic techniques. For those with prior experience in ceramics, we offer a flexible open-studio schedule, with access to a full service ceramics studio, including electric and kick wheels, glazes, and firing. Our classes are open for teens and adults. After a lengthy closure necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are now pleased to be opening our doors again, and inviting community members into our newly renovated studio space! Our studio space now features new lighting, new fans, new wiring, a fresh paint job, a new industrial sink, and some new shelving. We hope that you can join us for this fall semester, and become part of the thriving clay community that has grown up over the years at The Clay Place.

As we have in the past, we offer two different registration levels:
10-Pack (for those with prior ceramics experience, hoping primarily to utilize open studio hours): a 10-pack gives the registrant 10 blocks of studio use, or 20 hours of studio time.Full-Pack (for those who have little prior ceramics experience and need instruction from our two highly knowledgeable Clay Place instructors; also suitable for those who plan to utilize a larger amount of open studio hours): a Full-Pack gives the registrant 35 blocks of studio use (or a total of 70 hours of studio time).
COVID-19 has changed some of our policies and the structure of our classes. In order to allow for social distancing, we must limit the number of people in the Clay Place at a given time. This means that our registration policies have changed slightly. Our two registration levels now guarantee a certain number of blocks of studio time, but registrants will need to sign up for the specific times they wish to utilize the studio.

A sign-up sheet for specific blocks of studio time will be posted at the entrance to the Clay Place (outside the large orange door), starting the week of September 22. Registrants may sign up for all the spots they intend to use right away, or they may wait until later in the semester to sign up. The hours that the studio will open are listed below in this email. Those taking a clay class for the first time are encouraged to sign up for blocks of time on Wednesdays or Thursdays, when instructors will be present to help you with your ceramics goals!
Click Here to Register for Fall 2020 Classes at the Clay Place
Fall 2020 Studio Schedule
September 30 – November 24, 2020 

The Clay Place will be open the following hours:
Mondays: Open Studio, 10am-2pm
Tuesdays: Open Studio, 10:30am-2:30pm
Wednesdays: Instruction and Open Studio, 3pm-7pm
Thursdays: Instruction and Open Studio, 11am-3pm
Fridays: Open Studio, 3pm-7pm


The Clay Place has recently undergone some exciting renovations! We have new lighting, a new industrial sink with hot and cold water, new fans, and new shelving, as well as a fresh coat of paint!

These renovations would not be possible without the support of our community of volunteers, including both regular Clay Place artists and our Board of Directors.

Please stop by to see our new space starting on September 30!

The Clay Place now has its very own podcast, The Clay Pod. Bi-weekly, we bring you interviews with artists and educators from the region who work with a variety of ceramics media.

The Clay Pod offers exciting and informative content! Our goal is to introduce you to strategies for ceramic creation that respond to the unique context of the Umpqua Valley region and its artists.

Head to the Clay Place website to stream our first episodes!

We have a new fee structure for Fall 2020 at the Clay Place. These new fees take into account our commitment to paying our instructors and studio techs a fair wage for their expertise, and their increased responsibilities during the epidemic. It also reflects

10-Pack (Non-UVA Member): $135
10-Pack (UVA Member): $125

Full-Pack (Non-UVA Member): $235Full-Pack (UVA Member): $215

Our weekly themes, for those who will be attending on days when instruction is offered (recommended for beginners):

Week 1: Coils, pinch pots, soft slab bowls and the physics and chemistry of clays.
Week 2: Soft slab mugs, joining leather-hard slabs, hump molds, tiles, surface and texture.
Week 3: Kick and electric wheel throwing; cylinders and under glazes.
Week 4: Kick and electric wheel throwing; bowls; glaze theory and application.
Week 5: Kick and electric wheel throwing; plates and glazes on pots.
Week 6: More glazing, stains, oxide painting and larger pots.
Week 7: More glazing, stains, oxide painting and larger pots.
Week 8: Extruder, molds, coil and throw techniques and more surface decoration. 

Need to buy more clay, for your classroom or your personal use?
The Clay Place is a distributor for Clay Art Center in Takoma, WA, and Ted Isto can order you clay, glaze materials, and other ceramics-related items at excellent prices! Contact UVA for details. The Clay Place also keeps a wide variety of clays in stock, so whatever you are looking for: chances are we have it, or can order it for you.
We are a community and your safety and health matter to us! Because the Clay Place is an indoor public space, cloth face coverings (masks) will be required in the studio, until such point as Oregon regulations discontinue the need for masks. UVA and the Clay Place comply with all state and local requirements for public safety in the pandemic, and will keep all registered artists apprised of any changes in studio safety requirements. We appreciate your help, and your support, in these difficult times.

Visit The Clay Place for more information

Call for Art – Call for Artist Nominations – Black Matter

Exhibition: Black Matter
Dates: April-May, 2021(Hopefully in person)
Location: The Arts Center, Corvallis, Oregon

The exhibition Black Matter showcases contemporary Oregon artists in an effort to address an imbalance in representation.  Their voices should be heard, not because they are black, because they are human beings with unique life experiences.  It is essential to lift up the contributions of black artists above systematic oppression in life and in art.  Black artists should be recognized as individuals, without the filter of what the Western art canon tells us black art is or should be.  The artists in this exhibition are all important black and African artists living and working here in Oregon.  The artwork in this exhibition expresses more than their experience of living in a state and country rooted in systematic racism; their work speaks to the experience of being human.

We are seeking talented black and African artists currently living and making artwork in Oregon. Artists must be 18 years of age or older.  We are looking for 2D and 3D artists with exceptional mastery of their chosen  medium. All subject matter and ideas are welcome. There is no size limit on the artwork that will be considered. Installation art must be suitable for display in an open floor plan gallery space next to other artwork.  Due to the current covid crisis, all artwork must be suitable to view in person or in a virtual exhibit. Artists selected to exhibit will receive a $500 stipend from the Art Center. Artists will be required to provide high quality images of all artwork accepted into the show.  To apply for or to nominate an artist for this exhibition send an email with a link to your/their artist website.  Artists may also send up to 5 images of your artwork with a brief artist statement about your current artwork. Artists can choose to include an artist CV and/or biography statement, but it is not required.

To apply or nominate send an email with the subject line: Black Matter


Quote: “It’s almost as if, in order to be a successful black artist, they must perpetually create art that speaks on black culture and racism. It’s not important for an artist’s race to be apparent just by looking at their work but, knowing that there are an increasing number of black artists being featured in museums and galleries is important. True progress will be achieved when work by black artists are collected based on the same criteria as their mainstream white counterparts instead of being judged as having an inherent racial bias. It is up to modern day art collectors, curators, and art historians to change the perspective.”   ~Tania Inniss

About the curator:
Tammy Jo Wilson is a black artist and curator residing just south of Portland, Oregon in historic Oregon City. She creates artwork using a broad variety of media including encaustic, ink, ceramics, fabric, and oil paint. She received her BFA from the Pacific Northwest College of Art and her MFA from San Jose State University.  She has exhibited her work nationally and was awarded the Leland Ironworks Golden Spot Artist Residency in 2017, performed in the SALT: Above a Whisper at Shaking the Tree Theatre in 2018, and was featured in the two women exhibit Biological Dissonance at the Parrish Gallery in Newberg, Oregon in 2019. Wilson is co-founder and President of the arts organization Art in Oregon (AiO). A statewide non-profit working to foster culturally rich regional communities through partnerships, advocacy and investment in artists, businesses, educational spaces and community spaces. Wilson has taught college photography and 2D Foundations art classes. She co-curated the exhibit An Artistic Heritage in 2019, Art Makes History and You are Not a Robot in 2020. She currently works in the art department at Lewis & Clark College as the Visual Arts & Technology Program Manager.


Clackamas On Tap and Uncorked 2020 is going VIRTUAL this year!

The Meals on Wheels fundraiser brought to you by the Friends of the Milwaukie Center is offering artists a discounted buy in from $150 to $100 for two months of heavily and targeted advertising that will be reaching thousands of potential customers throughout the country!

If you are interested in participating please contact for more information and check out the site progress so far at

New Classes at The Red Trillium Studio

Paint a Dahlia in watercolor with Artist Instructor Mary Elle

We will paint a dahlia on 8” x 8” watercolor paper. Emphasis will be on shading and blending colors, creating depth and contrast.

Sept 24th, 2020 
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Cost: $60 per person(No photo available for this class)

Elements of Nature and Texture in Watercolor with Artist Instructor Anji Grainger

Class Fee: $ 285
Date:  Dec 4th, 5th & 6th, 2020
Time: 9am to 5pm

Sunset Beach with Artist Instructor Bonnie Moore 

Fee: $50
Date: Sept. 23rd, 2020
Time: 1pm. to 5pm.

Serene Scene in Watercolor with Artist Instructor Bonnie Moore

Fee: $50
Date: Oct 28th, 2020
Time: 1pm. to 5pm.


The Red Trillium Studio
371 E. Historic Columbia River Hwy, Troutdale, OR 97060


Email:         Alternative Email:

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