How do you go about being in a big art show? I wish I could have a mentor to walk me through the steps

I was asked:

How do you go about being in a big art show? I wish I could have a mentor to walk me through the steps.
That is a great question. Let’s start with what experiences you have had so far.


Have you ever had a booth or table at a small craft show or just been a customer at one? Tables and displays full of hand-crafted items, all priced, and the artist is greeting their customers. That is a nice place to get the feel of a sales event. Did you just apply to the event, or did you have to send pictures of what items you were selling? How did you or others display items for customers. What stood out and what looked like a pile of “stuff.” What would you have done different? What displays did you like? Don’t forget the internet is full of pictures and information.

Let’s see how a big show is different. You will need to apply with a fee, to have your art juried by artists who do evaluate photos in regard to quality, originality, and potential salability. This is where pictures speak a thousand words. If accepted you will receive a plethora of festival information such as parking, set-up, take down, and please pay your booth fee. Always ask questions of the management as they want you to be as successful as possible. If you were not accepted, feel sad for a bit but dig in for better pictures or a more marketable original product.

Depending on whether the festival is inside or outside you can plan your display. A canopy can be a big expense but very necessary. How do you want the flow of your items to be seen and walked around? Do you just have a few things – then bring them right up to the entrance of the booth to boldly show them off. Look online, go to festivals to study others displays. Can customers easily walk though the booth or is there a bottle neck area. A word about canopies. Get a standard 10’ x 10’ at the bottom and top. I strongly recommend you consider a fire retardant canopy as that is becoming a festival rule. Have sandbags or weights to attach to the legs. Believe me and others that just like an umbrella you tent can blow away. What a mess if you have art attached or it lands on another artists booth. Test your canopy out first and know that the Velcro on the side walls is long enough and sewn on well to hold them if pulled or it’s windy. It is hard to fix a flapping wall at the show.

What to take for the sale?

Cash, a money charging application on your phone, some record keeping notebook / paper and pencil, garbage bag, shopping bags, business cards, a list for customers to sign up for emails, a chair for you, a small area/ small table for you to wrap or bag up items. You can put extra items under tables or behind displays but if your outside protect items from moist grass or rough surfaces. Be sure to bring your artwork all priced for sales, extra sales tags and know where you cash/phone are. You never know if a customer or other artists will pop in early to purchase a favorite. The sale day is “long”. Bring some art to work on as customers love to see that.

Setting up by yourself or with a partner can feel like a mad dash but can be a fun time. Never hesitant to ask for help with a canopy or heavy table. We all help each other. Take a deep breath, give yourself plenty of time and go step by step. It helps to practice setting up at home or diligently on paper prior to the festival. Set up your canopy, then tables and shelves with covers if needed. Stage your artwork, step out of the booth and take a look as a customer. You will see artists that never rearrange their items or others who are constantly like me fuzzing and inching things one way or another.

Get to know your side-by-side booth mates as they are your friends and your business partners for the sale. Our Festival has volunteers to help if you need to run to the restroom or get some food.

Still wondering….? I strongly recommend that you volunteer to see the setup, hear artists talk with customers, help with problems, and visit with the management.

Calling all Oregon artists: The 2022-2023 Chamber Music Amici Art Commission is here!

Renee Manford • Chamber Allegra in Blue and Orange (2015)

We are seeking one Oregon-based artist to create 3 original pieces for promoting our 2022-2023 season. The commission is for $1,500, and includes:

• A 3-month showcase, with the 3 original pieces and up to 7 pieces of the artist’s already created works.
• An opening reception hosted by us (CMA) and Emerald Art Center (EAC), with publicity, food, music — and fun — organized by CMA and EAC.
• Artist retains newly created works (unless they sell!) at the end of the 3-month show.

Deadline for submitting applications is Friday, August 27, 2021.

For complete details, including application guidelines and commission requirements, please click here:

Call for Artists! Emergence: Juried Virtual Sculpture Exhibit

Credit: Kim Lewis – “Swing”

PNWS has opened the application process for “Emergence,” our first national, juried, virtual exhibit. Our Juror is Richard Speer, art critic, author, and curator. Awards include: $500 Best of Show, $200 First Place, $100 Second Place plus several Honorable Mentions.

Deadline: August 21st, 2021

Date of Exhibition: September 1 through October 30, 2021, on PNWS website

The theme, “Emergence” is intentionally vague to encourage a broad range of interpretations by artists in any physical 3-dimensional medium. The exhibit will be displayed on this website from September 1 through October 30, 2021. The dates coincide with several major art festivals and events in the Pacific Northwest.


ENTRIES & FEES   – General Entry Fee of $30 includes 3 pieces. PNWS Members may enter for $15 (with code emailed with our monthly Calls for Artist listings). Additional entries are $5 per piece. Maximum pieces per artist is 6. Submission and payment are made through CaFÉ via credit card. Fees are non-refundable. There is no guarantee of acceptance into the exhibit.

SALES – 100% of sale price goes to the artist – Prospective buyers may contact the artist directly through the link included with the entry. All sales will be handled directly between the artist and buyer. PNWS will not take a commission on any sale. Prices cannot be changed from those stated at submission. Sales tax, shipping and insurance shall be the responsibility of the artist. Any artwork without a sale price on the entry form will be considered “Not for Sale” (NFS).

THE VIRTUAL RECEPTION – Virtual receptions will be scheduled via Zoom. Participating artists may introduce themselves and discuss their art during the reception.  Award winners will have the option to discuss their work. Details will follow show acceptance via e-mail.

PROMOTION OF THE EXHIBIT – Promotion will be handled by the PNWS. Artists are also encouraged to promote the event. A digital ad will be e-mailed to all participating artists.  LOCATION – This virtual exhibit may be viewed 24/7 on the A link to the gallery page will be provided when entrants are notified of the juror’s decisions.

The artists indemnify the PNWS for any copyright violations in their work.

REPRODUCTION OF ARTWORK – Artwork may be reproduced for advertising, marketing, and promotional purposes by PNWS without consent from or notification to the artist or the artist’s agent. Appropriate attribution will be included with any artwork used for marketing purposes.

By submitting your entry/entries, you agree that you have carefully read ALL the information in this Call for Entries and agree to the terms. You also certify that you are 18 or older and that the artwork was completed within the last 3 years. Submitted photographs of artwork may be reproduced for educational and publicity purposes by PNWS, and published on our website and social media.

You certify that the artwork information in this entry is true to the best of your knowledge. Pacific Northwest Sculptors reserves the right to remove from the exhibition any work of art that has been misrepresented in the entry.
Prospective buyers may contact the artist directly through the link included with the artwork. All sales will be handled directly between the artist and buyer – 100% of sale price goes to the artist. PNWS will not take a commission on any sale. Prices cannot be changed from those stated at submission. Any artwork without a sale price on the entry form will be considered “Not for Sale” (NFS).

Sales tax, shipping and insurance shall be the responsibility of the artist.
By entering the contest, each artist agrees to these terms of use.

Call for Artists: the 38th Annual Charbonneau Festival of the Arts

the 38th Annual
Charbonneau Festival of the Arts

The 2021 Charbonneau “Art with Flair” Festival of the Arts will combine the best of two worlds for lovers of the arts to enjoy, admire and purchase fine art, crafts, and music — a LIVE Art & Music Show at the Charbonneau Events Center and a VIRTUAL EXHIBITION of Art & Music online through the end of the year.

Covid-19 & a Live Festival
Uppermost in our planning is the health, welfare and safety of all in attendance. Most COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted, but we never know when that might change.

Live & Virtual Shows: Art & Music
Artists will be juried to display their works at the Live Art Gallery Show or the Live Artisan Vendor Show. For our Music Stage, musicians will be auditioned and selected for online performances and potentially invitations to live performances at this year’s festival. Those plans are still in development.

We want as many as physically possible to join us in person of course, but you have an additional option — the Virtual Exhibition — open to all artists, artisan vendors and musicians. This allows a broader range of artists and musicians to participate as well as a broader audience of supporters to attend in-person and online.

We strive to earn a five-star experience from our entrants as well as from our supporting audience who participate in the festival each year. To encourage as many as possible to enter, there will be no jury fees.

2021 Silent Auction
As in past years, we welcome entrants to donate one of their works of art or their music CD’s or performance tickets to our Silent Auction, which is one of the primary fundraisers.

Our Invitation to Join “Friends of Charbonneau Arts”
New this year, we are offering membership to the “Friends of Charbonneau Arts” which includes the benefit of discounts at festival registration.

Partnerships & Publicity
Community Partnerships. We are happy to announce that we are continuing our community partnership with the Wilsonville Arts & Cultural Council (WACC) this fall. As they were unable to present a live festival again this year, we are working together to invite their artists to our live and virtual shows and more. Organizers are still planning other exciting possibilities.

Spreading the Word. Along with our website presence, we offer widespread promotion of our event and our participating artists and musicians. We have planned publicity with the help of Pamplin Media, our ongoing partnerships with the Charbonneau Villager, Wilsonville’s Boones Ferry Messenger, the Clackamas County Art Alliance, and other online and print outlets, to help us promote the Virtual Exhibition throughout the region. Our big marketing push starts in September and includes print and online media buys. We maintain active Facebook and Instagram pages where we post features on all artists and musicians participating in the show. Posters, flyers and postcards are used throughout the local area to promote the event. An online media kit page with digital flyers are made available to all juried-in artists and musicians to forward to their personal mailing lists. Last year several thousand viewers checked into our Virtual Exhibition. In past years, the live show has also attracted hundreds of local artists and supporters of the arts over the three-day festival.

We hope to see you at the 2021 Charbonneau’“Art with Flair” Festival of the Arts, sell a lot of art and music, and raise funds for our local high school art programs too. Click the following button link to begin the process.

Our deadline for this year’s entries is August 13, 2021.

See you in November!

John McLain, Chair
2021 Charbonneau Festival of the Arts

Call for Artists: On to New Horizons

Call to Art Makers living/working in Oregon for an Open/Invitational show

Deadline: September 12, 2021

Date of Exhibition: November 18 – December 29, 2021

In 2020, The Arts Center asked art makers to think about what “home” meant to us all in the year-end Home Sweet Home exhibit. At that time, our homes were our prison and/or our sanctuary. This year, we have seen signs of hope and getting back to what once was called “normal”, after the intense time of restrictions.

For the 2021 Winter show, The Arts Center seeks artworks that contemplates the notion of going On to New Horizons.

How can we express our regained freedom of movement and re-emergence back in the world? Interpretation of a “new horizon” can be literal, (now that we can venture out again), or metaphoric, (an escape of the confinement in which we all lived). May this show inspire dreams of our renewed possibilities:  about community, about travel to exotic places or to our own backyards. Visits with friends at gatherings and festivals, and meeting new people are other subjects to explore. There is an opportunity for storytelling and representational art, but also for more conceptual and abstract artwork. 

  • On to New Horizons will be a hybrid invitational and non-juried exhibit.
  • Registration is required by Sunday, September 12, 2021 via online submission form.
  • All art makers and creatives will be notified that their work submission has been received. Emails confirming decisions of the selection committee will be sent October 1, 2021. This is our holiday show, you may consider the gift appeal of your work. 
  • All submitting art makers and creatives must include a short statement about what On to New Horizons means to you, and how it is expressed in your artwork. 

This Call is for all visual art media, literary short prose and poetry, music and recorded dance performances! The recorded literary readings and performative arts videos will be played on a monitor in the gallery and shared online. Literary arts submissions will also be collected in a loose leaf book to enjoy reading in the gallery. We will schedule a “Read-In” for our writers and the public. 

We welcome artists of all ages and levels of experience. We encourage a diverse selection of artists to sign up, including artists from traditionally or currently underserved communities including (but is not limited to): artists from rural communities, emerging artists, artists from communities of color, LGBTQ+, artists who are self-taught, and artists new to creating artwork. We welcome artists regardless of citizenship status, color, familial status, gender identity or expression, religious observance, sex, sexual orientation, and sources or level of income. 

To access accommodations needed to support signing up for this show, please contact Curator, Hester Coucke, and/or 541-754-1551, Ext. 658. Monday – Thursday, 9:30 am – 2 pm.

Visual art:

  • 2 D, ready to be hung on the wall, no larger than the sum of 72 inches (height + weight = 72”).
  • 3 D, safe to display on a pedestal, weight not exceeding 25 lbs.

Literary arts:

  • Written version for display in the gallery and/or audio/video recorded files (max. 2 minutes) on a stick or upload.  MP3 and MP4 only.

Music and Dance:

  • On audio/video file (approx. 2 minutes) on a memory stick or upload 
  • We are considering the opportunity for live performance, depending on the Covid-19 situation in November and December 2021.

Disclaimer: Registration for this exhibit constitutes agreement with the parameters below and giving permission to use images of the work for promotion of the exhibit and The Arts Center.

Terms and Parameters:

  • Non-juried work cannot be substituted for accepted work.
  • Artwork must be available for the duration of the exhibit.
  • Artists are responsible for delivery/transportation to and from The Arts Center.
  • Pieces must be ready to hang or install (we do not accept saw tooth hangers). If not, staff can choose to exclude work.
  • Artworks must be identified with a label on the back or bottom, either your own label or TAC label provided with notification.
    • Labels must include: artist name, title of the work and email address or phone number.
  • Fragile surfaces must be protected by glass or Plexiglas; for special display methods the artist needs to supply materials and clear instructions.
  • Artwork must be for sale. The Arts Center will receive a 50% commission on all sales or if artists can specify to donate 100% on submission form.
  •  Insurance will be provided during the exhibition. All work will be reimbursed for the full commission of the sales price declared in the submission process.
  • The Arts Center will not be responsible for loss or damage to artworks left at TAC after Monday January 3, 2021.
  • Work left after January 31, 2022 will be considered a donation to The Arts Center.
Dates to Remember
September 12, 2021Deadline for submissions
October 1, 2021Notifications
TBDSelected work delivered to Arts Center
November 18 – December 29, 2021Art Exhibition, Artwork Documentation, Opportunities for Community Conversations

Call To Artists For Citizens Bank Rotation Mid-July Thru Mid-October 2021

The next rotation for the Citizen’s Bank will begin mid-July.  The rotation is for 3 months total, Art In/Out will be scheduled on July 22nd and 23rd. There is no cost for this exhibition, and no commission is charged. Artwork must stay on display for the entire 3 months.

The bank has space for approximately 12 pieces of art.  There is space for 5 large pieces – approximately 18”x24” or so, and for 7 smaller pieces closer to 8”x10” or even slightly larger.  Please mark each submission as L for large or S for small.  You can submit both large and small pieces.

You may submit up to 5-7 pieces of wall art.  There is no provision for 3-D work in this gallery. Please email photos of your work along with your name and phone number to the Citizen’s Bank committee at or

All artwork must be titled and ready to hang on wall with appropriate wire and either framed or finished in a professional manner. On the reverse side of work, there must be the Artist’s name, phone number and other contact information along with the title and a price if for sale.

Deadline for submissions of work for this rotation is Friday, July 16th by 5 PM.  Send a JPEG of your artwork before that time, and the gallery committee will contact you about which pieces have been selected, the requirements for paperwork, and the art in/out scheduling.  Art must be delivered to Citizens Bank in Oregon City.

If you have any questions, please contact Rhoda Bohr at or

Call for Volunteers: OCFOTA 2021

Oregon City Festival of the Arts logo

Volunteers needed!

The Oregon City Festival of the Arts is taking place August 14 and 15 with check in and set up for artists on the 13th. Volunteers are our biggest need.  The following are available volunteer times with a short description of what is needed.

Whatever time you can contribute is greatly appreciated – whether a couple hours, a morning, an afternoon or even the whole weekend. It’s a great way to contribute while enjoying the Festival, and something the whole family can participate in.

As a complimentary gift, each volunteer will receive a $5 coupon for a food truck of their choice.

Contact Kerry Edwards at


Friday August 13th

Volunteers are needed 12 pm – 7 pm

Help is needed in the following areas:

  • Check Artists in.
  • Direct Artists to their booth assignment.
  • Assist with setting up of Artists’ booths if needed.

Please select a time period during which you will be available on Friday and a total number of hours for which you help:

(can be less than the time period you've defined in "From" and "Till" fields)

Saturday August 14th

Volunteers are needed 7 am – 5 pm

Help is needed in the following areas:

  • Check Artists in.
  • Direct Artists to their booth assignment.
  • Assist with setting up of Artists’ booths if needed.
  • Greet the public as they enter the Festival with a program map and click with a counter you will be given to track attendance.
  • Help at TRAG booth giving out informational brochures.
  • Assist with Silent Auction booth.
  • Distribute snacks and water to Artists.
  • Relieve Artists for Breaks.
  • Assist with periodic trash removal.

Please select a time period during which you will be available on Saturday and a total number of hours for which you help:

(can be less than the time period you've defined in "From" and "Till" fields)

Sunday August 15th

Volunteers are needed 10 am – 7 pm

Help is needed in the following areas:

  • Greet the public as they enter the Festival with a program map and click with a counter you will be given to track attendance.
  • Help at TRAG booth giving out informational brochures.
  • Assist with Silent Auction booth.
  • Distribute snacks and water to Artists.
  • Relieve Artists for Breaks.
  • Assist with periodic trash removal.
  • Assist Artists with booth breakdown if needed. Direct Artists out of the Festival
  • Assist cleaning grounds after Artists have left

Please select a time period during which you will be available on Sunday and a total number of hours for which you help:

(can be less than the time period you've defined in "From" and "Till" fields)

OCFOTA 2021 Contract & Hold Harmless Agreement

OCFOTA is a two-day outdoor event, August 14 and 15 from 10-5 on the grounds of the End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive & Visitor Information Center, 1726 Washington Street, Oregon City, Oregon 97045. This is an outdoor event so please be prepared to be on the lawn. Although we strive to set the booths up on level ground, some of the areas may have a slight slant to them so plan accordingly with additional supplies if needed. If you have mobility issues, please let us know so we can make arrangements for your booth access and parking needs. It is our goal to keep our artists safe and happy! Please use the form below to sign the Artist Contract and Hold Harmless Agreement and pay the $135 booth fee by July 15, 2021. If you are unable to this on line, please let us know and we can make other arrangements.

Your point of contact will be Trieste

Cancellation Policy: If an artist who has paid a booth fee cancels on or before August 1, 2021, 5 p.m. PST, a refund will be sent, minus a $20.00 administrative fee. Cancellations after August 1, 2021, 5 p.m. PST will not receive a refund.

Note: By signing the contract and Hold Harmless agreement, the Artist hereby authorizes the use of any and all images of Artist’s work submitted through the jury process in connection with promotional efforts. Marketing will be posting on Facebook and Instagram as well as the Three Rivers Artist Guild website and print advertising.

Silent Auction:  There will be a silent auction and we respectively ask our participating artists to donate a piece of their work. The funds from the silent auction are used for the next year’s festival and help to keep our Artists’ fees low. This year OCFOTA will be holding a hybrid silent auction where your artwork will be displayed and the public may bid manually, but a QR code will be displayed at each booth and the public will be able to bid by their phone if they prefer. Your item should be delivered at time of set up either Friday between 12-5 pm, or Saturday morning between 7-9:30. We may hold a Meet the Artists’ reception on Friday evening with a preview of the auction items – please keep an eye out for further announcement regarding this. We will also be sending out a final instruction sheet closer to the Festival which will include any other information you may need.

Thank you so much for participating this year. It has been a difficult year to say the least and we are excited and grateful that OCFOTA is leading the pack in bringing life – at least a little – back to normal.

The form is now closed.Please apply next year!

Call for Artists: July/August/September 2021 Rotation at the Three Rivers Gallery & Gifts

Deadline to sign up for the July/August/September rotation is June 22nd.

Call for Artists is now open for our July/August/September rotation at Three Rivers Gallery & Gifts located at 623 7th Street, Oregon City.

What you need to know:

  • All art must be juried in. All art must be original to the artists. 
  • This Rotation Period is for three (3) months
  • The fee to participate in the Rotation Period is $60.00.
  • 30% commission on all sold items (rotation fee and commission pay for our rent and gallery expenses).
  • Gallery hours are Friday – Sunday, 10 am – 4 pm.
  • Each Artist participating in the Rotation Period must work either one (1) full day, or two (2) half days each month. If you need someone to work with it will be your responsibility to find a partner (a friend, a family member, or another artist).

Key Dates:

Art in and out – June 25, 26, 27 from 10 am till 2 pm
Next art in and out   – end of September, days to be announced later.

All accepted artists will receive a separate email with links to schedule art in and out and shifts at the gallery.

Safety Precautions

  • Customers are required to wear masks.
  • The Gallery has a table set up with one-time disposable masks and hand sanitizer.
  • A clear plastic barrier is installed at the cash register.

Sign up for the July/August/September rotation

The form is now closed. If you have been juried into the gallery, please consider applying for the next rotation. If you haven't been juried in yet, read about how to show in the Three Rivers Gallery & Gifts under "Galleries" >> "Three Rivers Gallery & Gifts" in our website's menu.

Call for Artists: Art for the Heart 2021, the 3rd Annual 8×8 Gallery

The Arts Center

Drop off June 2 – September 8, 2021 or until 150 pieces are collected.

The Arts Center (TAC) invites you to participate in Art for the Heart, the annual fall fundraiser for all in the community. The 8×8 Gallery is in its third year and has been a rousing success!

Artists are encouraged to join in by submitting original work for this exciting exhibit.

Established, emerging, and youth artists will see their artwork promoted, hung in the Corrine Woodman Gallery, and shared online while showing their support for The Arts Center.

All sales are donated 100% in support of TAC.

All artwork will be available for purchase during a Preview Event for $75. Date and time to be announced.

Any artwork available after the Preview Week will be available for $40 the night of Art for the Heart on October 9, 2021

Art for the Heart 2021 will be virtual with opportunities for unique participation and art loving fun.

  • Finished work must be close to but no bigger than 8 x 8 inches in all directions, including the frame for 2D work and 8 x 8 x 8 inches including supports for sculpture and other 3D formats.
  • 8 x 8 inch wood panels or “cradleboards” are available from TAC for$5 and may serve as frames or part of the work. Use of cradleboards is optional. Assistance to purchase cradleboards is available.
  • Please contact the Art Shop for availability and purchasing of cradleboards. You may also create or purchase your own 8 x 8 inch art base.
  • All work must be original to the submitting artist.
  • All artwork must be display ready. Hanging pieces must include a wire or securely installed hanging mechanism installed by the artist prior to delivery. Sculptures must have supports or stands included, if needed. These will only be returned if work is not purchased.
  • All themes, styles, and media are encouraged. Though smaller work will be accepted, 8 x 8 onches or close to these dimensions is the preferred size.
  • Diptychs and triptychs welcomed.
  • Artists may donate up to 4 pieces.
  • Artists may include contact information and/or a website address as a form of promotion.
Drop Off Info

Drop off artwork to the Art Shop located in The Arts Center during hours of operation beginning June 2 until September 8, 2021 or until 150 pieces are collected. Please print, complete and attach the 8×8 Gallery Donation Form to pieces submitted prior to drop off.

Any unsold work may be picked up at the Art Shop on 10/15/21 through 10/22/21. Any art not collected during this time will be donated to TAC and sold through the Art Shop with 100% of proceeds donated to TAC.

Dates To Remember
June 2 – Sept 8Drop off artwork. Print, complete and attach the 8×8 Gallery Donation Form to pieces submitted prior to drop off.
TBA8×8 Art Gallery Preview Event
October 2021Art for the Heart 2021 Event

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