Call for artists: Earth Day Network wants to feature your art

Earth Day Network’s new initiative, Artists for the Earth™, is inviting artists and arts organizations around the globe to join with Earth Day 2020 and the 50th Anniversary by featuring their work on our pages.

We’re looking for creative pieces focused on the natural world—whether addressing an environmental issue or exalting its wonder and beauty. If you’re an artist who has a work celebrating the planet, we’d love to add your project to our gallery.

(And if you’re not an artist but know of any artists or arts organizations who would like to participate, please forward them this link:

Art is a crucial way of reaching people. It operates in ways that science alone cannot, making the difficult subject of climate change personal, engaging people’s hearts and inspiring the will to change.

We are eager to give artists everywhere a platform for their work, a way to join the environmental movement and to be part of the celebration of Earth Day’s 50th Anniversary!

For our planet,

Shelley Rogers
Artists for the Earth Coordinator

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