Call for Artists: June/July/August/September 2021 Rotation at the Oregon City Chamber of Commerce Gallery

Updated May 28th, 2021

We are sad to announce the new rotation with the Chamber of Commerce office has been put on hold.

Per Trieste & Victoria, the office is having to move to a new location in July so it would be non productive to start a new rotation at this time. The move is due to the need for a new roof plus repairs to the current building.

Anyone planning to pull their art to have it ready for the upcoming rotation at the TRAG Gallery needs to contact me ASAP & we can arrange time to retrieve it.
If you are willing to have your art stay I will determine the July date with Victoria to pull ALL art at that time.

We certainly will keep everyone informed of the changes ahead.
Our sincere apologies for this bump in the road.

Be Calm and Keep Making Art.

Vona & Diana

The deadline to sign up for the June/July/August/September rotation is June 11th.
Call for Artists is now open for our June/July/August/September rotation at the Chamber Gallery located at, 615 High Street #102, Oregon City.
What you need to know:

  • This Rotation Period is for three (3) months.
  • There is no fee to participate in the Rotation Period, and no commission paid on sales.  
  • Artwork may not be removed without the approval of the Chamber Gallery Committee.
  • Please see further details in the attached Exhibit Regulations.

Key Dates:

Art in and out – Saturday June 19, 2021, from 10 am till 2 pm.
Next art in and out   – The week of September 16, 2021, from 10 am till 2 pm

To participate contact the Chamber Gallery Committee,   Vona Adams-Lawrence, 503-914-7622, or  Diana Strom, 971-255-3945,

Again the deadline to participate is June 11th.

All accepted artists will receive a separate email or call to schedule your time slot for the art in. Here is the link to the Hold Harmless Agreement, Wall Labels & Inventory sheet.

  Oregon City Chamber of Commerce Exhibit Regulations

  1. Membership in Three Rivers Artist Guild (“TRAG”) is current.
  2. Both 2D artists and 3D artists are welcome to participate. This Gallery will not be manned by Artists, so we are unable to offer binned items, jewelry or cards.
  3. Art will be exhibited for two to three months, mirroring the TRAG Gallery rotation schedule duration, at Oregon City Chamber of Commerce, 615 High Street #102, Oregon City. Artwork may not be removed without approval of the Chamber Gallery Committee.
  4. The art does not need to be juried so we ask the artist to present appropriate subject matter. All artwork must be original and made by the submitting Artist. Depending on the dimensions and number of participants, Artists may submit between 3 and 8 pieces.
  5. All artwork must be ready to hang on the wall with appropriate wire and either framed or finished in a professional manner. On the reverse side of work, there must be the Artist’s name, phone number and other contact information along with the title and a price if for sale.
  6. Artists must provide a one-page Artist Statement with photo of the Artist, and a dozen business cards.
  7. The Chamber Gallery Committee, and/or Oregon City Chamber of Commerce has the right to accept or reject any artwork due to size limitations, content or quality.
  8. Art In/Out: Artists will be scheduled for a 20-minute appointment to bring their art in or pick it up, to maintain COVID gathering/social distancing restrictions. Masks are required. If you miss your appointment, alternate arrangements have to be made with the Chamber Gallery Committee, preferably prior to your appointment.
  9. Sales: If works sell, the Artist is responsible to coordinate with Buyer and keeps 100% of sale. Artist is responsible for shipping and billing. Artist will replace work with another comparable piece and provide all inventory information to the Chamber Gallery Committee.
  10. While every effort is made to safeguard the works, TRAG is not responsible for any missing or damage to artworks. All works are exhibited in public spaces which are locked during non-work hours.

    The Chamber Gallery Committee consists of:

    – Vona Adams-Lawrence, 503-914-7622,
    – Diana Strom, 971-255-3945,

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