Call for Artists: Online Oregon City Community Education Art Classes

The Oregon City Community Education Dept. is under the umbrella of the Oregon City School District. The Community Ed Dept is seeking artists that would be interested in teaching a community education class in an on-line zoom platform for students K-12th grade. Artists can choose what grades they would like to teach – K-2, 3-5 and so on. Class offerings would be for either the fall term which would be toward the end of September and finish no later than Thanksgiving; or winter term which would be December or January and finish up by March. OC Community Ed is flexible with start and finish, how many lessons per week, and how many lessons per course.

Interested artists should submit:

  • What grades they would like to teach
  • Schedule of Classes – how many weeks, how many times per week, how long for the class
  • Art subject and medium
  • Supply list
  • Cost of class

Dependent on Artist’s status, Artist can submit cost in two different ways:

  1.  Vendor status: A vendor would be an artist who has their own business with an insurance policy of minimum 1 million dollars. The community education dept. needs to have a certificate of insurance policy page on file at time of class offering. A vendor would fill out a w-9, and provide all contact information to the school district. School district would set the business up as a vendor and after the community education classes were completed, the vendor would invoice the school district for the amount of students x per student cost. (example: 15 students enrolled in class x $100.00 per student = $1,500) 
  2. Vendor gets to decide how many students need to be enrolled in the class to make the class worth running. They can also decide what the maximum enrollment would be. 
  3. Community Education Dept. builds the class offering into their registration system and the students register through Oregon City Community Education. The dept. keeps $30 per student and that $30 is included in the tuition fee. So if the vendor wants $100 per student, the community ed dept. would make the tuition $130.00 per student. 
  4. We would also need to determine if there would be a supply fee and the student comes to Eastham and pick up their supplies before class starts or a supply list provided to student to go buy their supplies for the class.
  5. Community education Dept. keeps in close contact with the vendor with updates on enrollment and supplies the vendor with a roster of all the students. The vendor uses the final roster as the amount of students to invoice the school district. 
  6. When the class offering is downloaded into the registration system, the system generates a contract that the school district signs and the vendor signs. 
  7.  Individual Artist status: An individual artist interested in teaching a community education class would fill out an employment application, go through the background check which also includes fingerprinting at local UPS store and fingerprints are sent to FBI. There are a few forms to fill out and they would be going to the District office to meet with Payroll dept. Community Ed will supply artist with the forms to fill out and help them set up a time to go to the district office to pick up the fingerprint packet and meet with payroll dept. Community Ed has made arrangements with the school district to pay for the background check which ranges from $52-$60. Normally an employee would have that fee taken out of their paychecks, but Community Ed will be picking up this cost for the Artist. Artists that apply with Individual Artist Status need to be paid on an hourly basis, and are paid by the Oregon City School District once a month towards the end of the month. 
  8. Individual artist should submit cost of course to Community Ed and determine what the hourly cost would be. Suz Figini from Community Ed will then determine how many students would need to be enrolled in the class to make it possible to pay the employee that hourly wage. Suz would determine how much the tuition for the class would be also.  The artist may want to teach just a workshop style class ranging anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 weeks. Community Ed is flexible on number of classes and frequency during the week.
  9. When the class offering is downloaded into the registration system, the system generates a contract that the school district signs and the individual employee signs. The individual employee will also have a time sheet to document their class contact hours and possible prep time if needed. The individual employee might decide that prep hours are a different hourly rate than hourly wage. 

All classes must be on-line with no person to person contact for the class. This is due to the Oregon City School District’s decision to start the school year with distance learning.

Please contact Suz Figini, Education Coordinator from Community Education, for application or any questions.

Suz can be reached at 503-785-8520 ext: 7316, or

Community Education is located at Eastham 1404 7th St in Oregon City.

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