Call for Artists – Three Rivers Open Studios 2023

Timeline of Important Dates

  • Thursday June 1:: Application form closes.
  • Saturday July 1 st: Notifications will be sent (acceptance, decline, or alternate status).
  • Tuesday August 1 st : Show fee due and is non-refundable. (Fee is $100)

Show Times and Days

Show Hours: 10 am to 5 pm on Friday and Saturday; 10 am to 4 pm on Sunday.
Show Days: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, October 13, 14, and 15, 2023.

Set up time to be worked out between host and guest artist. Artists are not allowed to breakdown or close prior to 4 pm on Sunday (may risk participation in future shows if not compliant).


This is a juried show. All work, including fine crafts, must be original design and individually made by the artist, and signed when possible. All art is judged on a variety of criteria, including, but not limited to originality, variety, and appropriateness. One or two artists collaborating on one piece constitutes one artist.

Each artist participating in the Three Rivers Open Studios must apply and pay the fee.

Booth/Space Specifications

Tents, tables, chairs, and display equipment are the artist’s responsibility. Due to limited number of inside spaces, artists should be prepared to set up outside. Placement will be made after the jury process is complete. Everything will be done to accommodate artist needs. Host artists are not responsible for guest’s
art of property.


This art show will only succeed and grow by the efforts of all artists. All artists must be willing to promote the show through placement of signs, postcards, posters, maps, and the use of social media. All of the money collected is used directly to support and promote the show.


A pre-show meeting will be scheduled, and all artists are asked to attend. We will pass out signs, postcards, and maps at that time.

If for any reason you are unable to attend the tour, or the full hours, please notify the open studios co-chairs immediately at


E-mail Please refrain from sending emails to planning committee members’ personal email accounts.

Open Studios Co-Chairs:
Jeanne Kelley-Brown
Tamara Scott


  • Vona Adams-Lawrence

    I am requesting that I be placed in Diana Strom’s studio as we share the grid walls together.
    Thank you,

  • I am requesting to share Diane stroms location.

    • Sherren
      Thank you for your interest in TRAG open studios. If Diana is agreeable to have you at her studio stop that is fine with us.
      We do need you to join TRAG as well as fill out the application. The call for artists ends June 1st.

      We would love to have you and hope that you apply
      Jeanne Kelley-Brown

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