Calling All Artists to Submit Images for TRAG Website and Social Media!

If you haven’t noticed already, TRAG is updating and giving our website a new facelift! We are also working hard to better promote TRAG on social media, and we need your help!

One of the things we have discussed at length with the Board members is how and when to use images. Our top priorities are to give Artists the opportunity to promote their work, make sure we have our Artists’ permissions, and do it fairly.

The following is TRAG’s new program for adding our Artists’ work to the TRAG website and social media.

If you are interested in having your art included, fill out the form at the link below by April 29th or by the 29th of each month thereafter:

Submit Your Art for the Chance to Be Featured on the TRAG Website

For the TRAG website, two Artists will be selected each month on the 29th. Yelena Shabrova, our Website Coordinator, built a program that will randomly select two submitted images to keep it fair to all involved. Each of the selected Artists will have their image appear on the home page for two weeks.

If an Artist is chosen 2 times in a row, the process will be repeated to select a new Artist. In addition to the website selection, all submitted images will be regularly used on both Instagram and Facebook.

Thanks for your support and help. TRAG will not only have an eye-catching beautiful home page and social media presence because of your participation, but we will be able to promote your art as well!

Artist hereby authorizes the use of the submitted image for promotional efforts related to the Three Rivers Artist Guild in all forms of media including print, television and Internet advertising. Artist is not guaranteed inclusion in any promotional materials.

Trieste Andrews
President, Three Rivers Artist Guild


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