Kudos Korner – Susan Woodworth

This month’s Kudos Korner contribution was given by multiple members of our Board:

Susan Woodworth is an amazing multi-media artist. Her art includes everything from birdhouse gourds, to painted glasswork, to jewelry made from her own ceramic beads. You can find Susan’s artwork on Etsy, Pinterest and Facebook. Her Susie Designs Facebook page shows her latest creations – https://www.facebook.com/SusieDesignsJewelry/. Susan is also a talented seamstress. Most recently she was named the Outreach Coordinator and Instagram Manager of “Sewing for Lives”, a nationwide organization that has made thousands of masks for the public during the current pandemic. Susan has recently been highlighted for her contributions to Sewing for Lives in three different newspapers and newscasts.

What TRAG is most grateful for is Susan’s volunteerism and her never-ending desire to help out. Susan is typically the first person to volunteer for any project or event that comes along. In fact, many times Susan will contact TRAG directly to ask if TRAG needs help when she sees an event announced. The responsibilities Susan took on just since January include: Marketing and Public Relations, Event Coordinator, Gallery co-chair, and OCFOTA committee member. Susan has also been one of our Artists for many of our community art projects including: Paint by Numbers, the Oregon City Heritage Figures, the Before I Die project, the Holiday show and the Oregon City Festival of the Arts.

Kudos and deepest gratitude to Susan Woodworth for being and exemplary member of the Three Rivers Artist Guild. We could never have accomplished as much as we have without you. Join me in giving Susan a heartfelt thank you. Like her pages on Facebook and Instagram and support her art and volunteerism!

Kudos Korner – April 2020

This month’s Kudos Korner contribution was given by multiple members of our Board:

Yelena Shabrova   has been a colored pencil artist for over 10 years. Although her love of drawing impassions her to draw horses, landscapes, and flowers, her art reaches out to any number of subjects. You can find her incredibly beautiful artwork on her website at https://www.shabrova.com/.

Although Yelena has been with the Three Rivers Artist Guild only a few short years, she has recently become an integral part of our organization. Yelena’s vast and excellent computer skills are changing the TRAG website before our eyes. Connecting our artists to opportunities, updating our pages, creating an event calendar, posting events, and helping the Guild acquire the best financial bookkeeping system are only some of the tasks Yelena has undertaken since January. Additionally, she regularly takes on extra Gallery shifts if needed, and you will often meet Yelena and her husband attending many of the Guild members’ art shows – just to show their support. Kudos to Yelena for the small and large changes she has suggested, developed and executed for the board, the website, and TRAG’s members. If you see a post from Yelena on Facebook or Instagram, make sure you like or comment on her posting, and help support her as she has done for us!

Kudos Korner – March 2020

This month the Gallery recognizes the work that a few of our volunteers do for all us to help keep the Gallery running smoothly. These are people that go over and above what is asked of them, and we could not continue to run the Gallery without them. When you see them, please be sure to introduce yourself and say thanks. I know I do every day.

Vona Adams-Lawrence has been part of our Gallery for over a year. Her 2D artwork focuses on oils, acrylics & watercolors. Prior to becoming a member of TRAG, Vona worked in retail for 42 years. When asked why she signed up to be the Gallery Supplier Coordinator, Vona responded “The Gallery provides me the pleasure of meeting customers and seeing how they enjoy all our artists artwork”.

Sue Woodworth is starting her 2nd year in our Gallery. As a seamstress by early trade, she enjoys designing clothes, costumes, art doll making, quilting, draperies and upholstering. Her Gallery artwork includes torch and kiln fired enamel on metal jewelry, 2D paintings and whimsical gourd birdhouses. As a new member, Sue jumped in quickly to volunteer during the Gallery’s Art In/Out process, the OCFOTA Event as the Entertainment and Food Vendor coordinator and attending Chamber of Commerce meetings with Trieste, TRAG’s President, to learn about opportunities for our TRAG members to participate in.

Most recently, Sue has agreed to take on the Marketing position on TRAG’s Board of Directors as well as joined the Gallery Committee as our Jury Coordinator. When asked why she volunteers her time, Sue responded “When I retired, I wanted to play with art. The natural course for me was to sell my art and become involved with other artists. I had no idea the scope of activities that an Art Guild could be involved in. It’s feels so good to be with other artists who have art
swirling around in their heads, heart and souls”. 

Lynn Collum has been with TRAG about 10 years. As an artist, she enjoys photography, silversmithing, enameling, knitting, sewing and has recently added laser cutting and printing to her artwork. As a member of the Gallery Committee, Lynn, has been doing our Gallery financials and books for almost as long as she has been a TRAG member. Her dedication and hard work over the years in developing the forms and process that we use today is what allows the Gallery to accurately record and pay each Artist when they sell their artwork. Her volunteer work also includes volunteering at Art In/Out. When asked why she volunteers her time, Lynn responded “I love being there to see the new artwork coming in and saddened to see great artwork going out unsold. I have seen many changes in the way the Gallery operated and enjoyed working with many artists I met along the way. I have not been in the Gallery for past last year but look forward to coming back in when my personal and work life becomes less hectic.”

Jen Henry