Call for Artists: Oregon City Open Studios

Black and white stylized image of the Oregon City public elevator on the left and the words "Oregon City Open Studios" on the right

Exhibition Guidelines and Event Information

All work exhibited must be original art produced by the artist. Work created by a production studio is not acceptable. Buy-sell items, imports, work from kits, commercial designs, and derivative work are prohibited. Exhibited work must be consistent in style, quality, and method with the juried images.

All artwork exhibited must be for sale, with clear pricing. Artists should maintain sufficient merchandise throughout the weekend to ensure a well-stocked display.

Artists are responsible for all sales transactions and should be prepared with a credit card reader and change for cash purchases. Artists keep 100% of their sales income from the show and are responsible for paying any appropriate taxes.

Oregon City Open Studios reserves the right to use all submitted images and trade names in any marketing activities. This is a “rain or shine” event, and artists agree to be on-site during open studio hours regardless of the weather. In preparation for the Pacific Northwest’s unpredictable weather, your booth space must be covered by a canopy and designed to withstand wind and inclement weather. Oregon City Open Studios suggests securing all canopies with a minimum of 40 pounds of weight on each corner. Artists are required to bring their own tents, weights, chairs, tables, and all other items needed for their booths. Guest artists should discuss space and setup with their hosting studio.

The three day tour participation fee is $100. You will be sent a payment request for the $100 after you‘ve been juried in. There are no refunds on fees. Oregon City Open Studios and its volunteers and committee members are not financially liable for losses or damages of any kind. Booth artisans and hosting studios should make arrangements with their own insurance companies for proper coverage. Oregon City Open Studios will not be held responsible for any theft or damage to an artist’s work or other personal property. Artists agree to hold Oregon City Open Studios, the committee, and any volunteers harmless for any and all problems and/or damage to their artwork, display, or studio.

Oregon City Open Studios, hosted by the Three Rivers Artist Guild (TRAG), offers a unique opportunity for fine artists and high-quality makers to showcase their work and give the community a behind-the-scenes peek at where their art is made. This exclusive members-only event, held on the first Saturday and Sunday in October from 10 AM to 4 PM, provides a unique opportunity for local artists to connect with art enthusiasts. Artists without their own studios who wish to participate can apply, indicating in the application if they need a host studio. Artists will be placed with a host artist at random, but if they have a specific request, they should include that in the application as well.

Applications close on July 31st, with notifications of acceptance sent by August 14th. Please note that applying does not guarantee acceptance, as this is a curated show. While we limit acceptance to non-ADA accessible studios, a few exceptions are allowed. Applicants must specify whether their location is ADA accessible.

New studios applying will need to undergo a review process. A TRAG representative will visit your studio before final approval. If your studio is inside your home and visitors will be guided through your home, there must be a clear separation between the home and studio areas to ensure a comfortable situation for customers to visit.

Artists must submit at least four high-quality, natural light photos of their artwork for submission review and potential marketing material.

Participation is limited to TRAG members, but new artists are welcome to join by paying the annual membership fee. This is an excellent opportunity for both seasoned and emerging artists to engage with the community.

To apply for Oregon City Open Studios, fill out the form below.