Survey about in person meeting on January 10th, 2022

Dear Members of TRAG,

Once again we are faced with whether or not it is safe to meet in person.  As you know, my number one goal for TRAG for this year is to REUNITE our community in person.  I have been watching the numbers of Covid cases in our state over this week and the number yesterday was almost double that of the number on Monday.  I haven’t seen today’s number yet. 

Given that we are not asking for proof of vaccination at our meetings (I have heard from some members that they feel strongly that we should NOT ask for proof of vaccination), that overall we are an “older” group of people, and that I am a retired nurse, I really worry about us meeting in person.
I’d like feedback from the membership to make the decision on whether we should meet in person in January or not.  If we do not meet, I recommend that we try again in February.  We will not do a Zoom meeting since the plan for the meeting was to socialize in person – I have nothing else planned at this time. 

Please answer the following questions ASAP. 

Thank you for your help with this decision.

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  • Cathi McLain

    I will be out of town on the 10th, so would have missed the meeting anyway, but unless vaccinations are required I won’t participate in future meetings. Even with vaccination, there are still breakthrough cases of COVID, but the likelihood of it is reduced, and hospitalizations are few. I hope we can return to normalcy at some point, but not yet. Thanks for all you do!

  • If even one member became ill and thought it due to a guild meeting, it would cast a pretty dark shadow on the rest of the year.

  • Sue Thomas

    I will attend in person if we ask at the door if people are vaccinated and we all wear masks.

  • Hi Tamara
    I agree with you that the covid numbers are scary. And I was debating about whether I wanted to attend the meeting since it’s an extra exposure possibility. Could we maybe postpone it for a month? This is supposed to peak soon supposedly.
    I can see reasons to have the meeting and reasons to put it on zoom. I know that’s not too helpful.

  • Let’s keep everyone safe and meet remotely until omicron has calmed down.

  • Billie Shults

    Thank you for taking this into consideration. I think, based on the increasing numbers, a delay is reasonable.

  • Cathy Rowe

    I can’t wait to get back to in person meetings. I have been planning on attending, but I’m currently torn as to if that is a good idea. I have a child in school and she seems to bring home everything. I would hate to be responsible for getting anyone sick.

  • Janice C Moseley

    As we try to navigate this new wrinkle in Covid19, I believe not meeting in person till there is a consensus on this issue is important. We are all at risk & personally, I would not like to ‘bring something to the meeting’ for our members to share among themselves or their families & friends.
    I do believe that masks would be something that all should wear out of consideration for others. Asymptomatic people with Covid19 ‘sharing’ seems to me to be one of the greatest threats to stopping this pandemic.
    We do need to get together but using caution & consideration should be utmost in that decision.

  • Mike

    Probably a good idea to postpone in person meeting till next month

  • Diana Strom

    My heart wants to be back with people again, but given the large increases, I think it’s prudent to wait at this time. This decision will also keep my hubby happy.

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