Citizens Bank and TRAG

TRAG and Citizens Bank are partnering again! The gallery is shining brightly like the gem she is and we have more good news! Citizens is arranging for a local newspaper article about our gallery partnership and an invitation to check our our Guild. Great news for us! This puts us out in the community and hopefully will encourage some new members.

The other exciting news is that TRAG is being featured at the GMOC (Good Morning Oregon City) weekly Chamber of Commerce meeting on Wednesday, September 22nd. Citizens Bank is the host and TRAG will have 5-10 minutes to speak about our Guild! There are about 35 active Chamber members that attend whether in person or Zoom so this is another great opportunity for us! We might even acquire more pARTners in ART!

TRAG is continuing to be active in our community and in our art. If you haven’t seen the latest art in Citizens Bank Gallery, stop in! There is a wonderful variety of photographs, digital art, mixed media, fused glass and the winners from the ARt and POetry contest. Here’s to continuing to create beautiful art in all its forms!

Rhoda Bohr
Citizens Bank Gallery Coordinator