Dennis Mayers

King Tut.   30 x 40
Artist Statement:

I have a artist soul, my soul is the energy that drives me to be an artist. A normal person sees a glass of water sitting on a table and becomes thirsty. An artist sees that same glass of water and studies how the light passes through the glass and the water and has that desire to captures it. Painting is something that call to me and I try my best to respond.

I have been drawn to realism, trying to represent things that I see in the world is very exciting and challenging.
My artwork is the completion of a cycle that is started by something that captures my eye.

  • Double Wedding Ring.     18 x 24
  • Catch Me if you Can.   24 x 30
  • Two Indian Dancers.    22 x 28
  • Barn Swallows.    18 x 24
  • White Fence.    24 x 36
  • Discernment.    40 x 30
  • American Indian Dancer.    24 x 36
  • Morning Train.    22 x 28
  • Oiran.   24 x 36

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