A Return to Juried Art for All TRAG Shows

By Sue Woodworth, TRAG Co-President

When TRAG had its “Gallery and Gift shop” at Singer Hill Café, every new artist or artists with a new medium submitted their art to the “jury committee.”

As we move forward, we will have the jurying process in place for all art shows we present: Spring Fling, Oregon City Festival of the Arts and our Holiday show. All new artists applying to shows for the first time or any artist with new mediums they are wanting to sell will go through the jury process.

Our established jury committee is looking for artist vision, originality, creative intent, mastery of a skill and craftsmanship and is ready to present to the public. We critique with positive feedback and suggestions for additional learning needs.

What part of your art have you made/designed yourself?

  • We are not looking for your art from a class but what you have developed after the class.
  • We love to see jewelry with hand designed items in them. Just stringing beads for a necklace or earrings is not acceptable.
  • No pre-purchased/manufactured items will be accepted to be sold as is.   
  • No copying or adding copyrighted  items.
  • Your art needs to have something you made or totally changed in the way it was made to be used.
  • No items made from a kit.

We will give more information on submitting your art online to us as we get close to our Spring Fling show which is just around the corner.

Thanks….and don’t worry!

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