Calling All Artists to Submit Images for TRAG Website and Social Media!

If you haven’t noticed already, TRAG is updating and giving our website a new facelift! We are also working hard to better promote TRAG on social media, and we need your help!

One of the things we have discussed at length with the Board members is how and when to use images. Our top priorities are to give Artists the opportunity to promote their work, make sure we have our Artists’ permissions, and do it fairly.

The following is TRAG’s new program for adding our Artists’ work to the TRAG website and social media.

If you are interested in having your art included, fill out the form at the link below by April 29th or by the 29th of each month thereafter:

Submit Your Art for the Chance to Be Featured on the TRAG Website

For the TRAG website, two Artists will be selected each month on the 29th. Yelena Shabrova, our Website Coordinator, built a program that will randomly select two submitted images to keep it fair to all involved. Each of the selected Artists will have their image appear on the home page for two weeks.

If an Artist is chosen 2 times in a row, the process will be repeated to select a new Artist. In addition to the website selection, all submitted images will be regularly used on both Instagram and Facebook.

Thanks for your support and help. TRAG will not only have an eye-catching beautiful home page and social media presence because of your participation, but we will be able to promote your art as well!

Artist hereby authorizes the use of the submitted image for promotional efforts related to the Three Rivers Artist Guild in all forms of media including print, television and Internet advertising. Artist is not guaranteed inclusion in any promotional materials.

Trieste Andrews
President, Three Rivers Artist Guild

Virtual Guild Meeting – the Use of Instagram and Facebook for the Artist

by Kristina Browning
Monday April 13th 7:00 pm

If you’ve noticed some wonderful updates and changes to TRAG’s Facebook and membership Group Facebook lately, that is the work of Kristina Browning. In addition to a degree from the Art Institute of Seattle plus a successful Real Estate business and a podcast about home aesthetics, Kristina is highly knowledgeable in all kinds of social media marketing. You may also be familiar with Kristina’s own website, Facebook page and Instagram feed called Oregon City Guide which she created to promote and enhance all things about Oregon City.

TRAG is extremely fortunate to have Kristina give a Virtual Presentation through Zoom regarding the use of Instagram and Facebook and how to use this to promote your Art. Kristina plans to start from the basics and then open up the presentation for questions. If you have not used Zoom before, it is the leading app for on-line and virtual meetings. You will be able to see yourself and all attendees. You will automatically be on mute once you link in. By a raise of hands, the presenter will be able to call your name, which at that time you can unmute yourself and ask your questions. No worries – it is actually very simple and user-friendly. Here’s a great video on how to join a ZOOM call and use it for the first time: Watch this video BEFORE the scheduled call below so you’ll feel comfortable with what is happening.

You will need the following information to join on April 13 th –

Here is the link to Join the Zoom Meeting:

Here is the Meeting ID which you will need once you click the link: 220 849 5102

Click on the link (or copy it into your browser bar) at least 15 minutes BEFORE THE MEETING STARTS so you can work out the download part (reference video above for how) – downloading zoom only has to be done the first time you use it.

See you at the meeting!

COVID-19 update

Due to the health issues surrounding the COVID 19 virus, and in order to protect both our members and customers, the TRAG Gallery will be closed until further notice. Additionally, the April 13th public Guild meeting at the Pioneer Center will also be cancelled. Instead, there will be a virtual Guild meeting about the use of Instagram and Facebook for the artist. All other meetings are subject to further notice. Please take care of yourselves and stay well. Let’s take this opportunity to delve into our passions and do what we love – create art and bring some much needed joy in a time we need it most. 

Trieste Andrews
President, Three Rivers Artist Guild

Live Facebook video of TRAG Monthly meetings

Don’t miss a TRAG monthly meeting.     

It’s hard to make every monthly meeting for multiple reasons. You could be on vacation, wrapped up in a blanket with a cold or don’t care to drive late at night.  As Public Relations Coordinator for TRAG we will  start live video streaming of  each monthly meeting.  Our Vice-president Jeanne Cardana is planning some exciting and interesting speakers for the upcoming months.    

You will need to be logged in to  Facebook  group “Members of Three Rivers Artist Guild Group” on the second Monday every month at 7 pm.    

The live sessions will not be interactive for  member who are watching by live feed. The live video will be of the speakers of the meeting. The audience will not be video’d unless the camera is adjusted for filming. All  audience members present at a meeting will be advised of the live feed so to give or decline permission of possibly being in the video. There may be portions of the meeting when audience questions / participation may occur. The time limits of the meeting may not allow for all verbal conversation to be perfectly clear and legible for the video. 

Watch live stream or check back to review under the video tag. These videos will then be saved to the same TRAG members only Facebook page under videos. 

Our first live video trial will be March 9th at 7 pm

Located on Facebook: Members of Three Rivers Artist Guild Group

Susan Woodworth
Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator

Membership Conduct and Rules Policy

Dear Guild Members –

Over the past year, TRAG has worked hard on a Membership Conduct and Rules policy for our members. The policy not only defines TRAG’s membership, but affords our members the assurance of a work environment that is free from harassment and/or hostility. I often tell people that I’m not sure why TRAG works as well as it does, but it does, and of course it is because of our members. However, our past and current board also believes that, as with any organization, it is important that we have a policy in place that protects our members in case issues come up. With that in mind, I am attaching the TRAG Membership Conduct and Rules Policy. Please know that we have your best interests in mind, and if needed, you can report any issue that you believe needs to be addressed.”

Thanks for all your help and support. 

Trieste Andrews

President, Three Rivers Artist Guild

Embracing Limitations and the New TRAG Quarterly Assignment

We’ve started a new “assignment” for TRAG members to try and inspire conversation and new work based on our August 2018 meeting program. We began the August meeting discussing “Limitations and Creative Problem Solving” by showing a TED Talk by artist Phil Hansen entitled “Embrace the Shake,” where he talked about dealing with a physical challenge that tested his faith and resolve as an artist.

From there we talked about how our limitations, either inherent or self-imposed, can be embraced to result in new work. Through problem solving and conversation five groups shared their challenges and did some creative problem solving. We brainstormed lists of inherent or self-imposed limitations that might keep us from or inspire us to create new work:

Inherent Limitations – factors we may not be able to control that prevent us from creating art.

  • Space, Time, Money, Energy, Physical Difficulties, Emotional Difficulties, Access to Tools, Education

Imposed Limitations – factors we can control that we intentionally use to eliminate obstacles and simplify process.

  • Subject (conceptual or specific), Focusing on the Use of a Specific Tool, Focus on a Technique, Using time limits to either force quick creation or a stopping point

Ultimately the discussion resulted in the beginnings of a quarterly TRAG member assignment meant to spark creativity and get people creating art. Each of the five groups decided what their assignment would be and we’ll see the results of those assignments over the next three general meetings as people start to bring in their interpretations of the assignment.

Assignments by group for the Quarter of August 13th – November 12th

  • Clay and Glass Work: Use new materials that you haven’t used before
  • Painters: Three colors
  • Jewelers: Ocean
  • Mixed Media: Harvest
  • Photographers: Pick an Element of Art as Subject – Form, Line, Color, Space, Texture, or Value

These assignments are optional of course, but I encourage folks to use them as a way to spur new thinking and work. Allow yourself the space to play and maybe not create your best work in hopes of giving you the freedom to explore new ideas and create art without the pressure of perfection or daily life.

Also feel free to take liberties with the assignment. The goal is to stimulate creation, not stifle it. We’ll share the results of the assignment for those who want to share in our member emails. We can’t wait to see what folks create!

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