Citizens Bank Non-profit Fundraising Day – October 21st 10am-1pm!

TRAG has been asked to participate in a fun interactive fundraising day with Citizens Bank. Citizens Bank, who is one of Oregon City’s strongest community supporters, is also one of TRAG’s strongest advocates. Citizens is always the first to donate to our Festival each year and they also host one of TRAG’s galleries. On October 21st Citizens is organizing a fun way to donate $2000 to 15 of Oregon City’s non-profits – and TRAG was asked to participate as one of the non-profits! In addition to the $100 that each non-profit will receive for that day, they have been asked to participate in a marble throwing game to win an additional $400 for first place or $300 for second place. Each non-profit will creatively design a box to catch the public’s eye. These will be placed outside the bank. Then people coming to attend the event will be given a few marbles and attempt to throw the marbles into their favorite box. The box with the most marbles will win an additional $400 and second place will win an additional $300. Think of carnival games, but instead of winning a kewpie doll we can receive up to $500 for TRAG. 

So come October 21st to Citizens bank at 19245 Mollala Ave in Oregon City across from the Post Office any time between 10am and 1pm. Tell your friends, family, children and grandchildren. Come see out artistic creative box and help win up to $500 for TRAG!

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