Kudos Korner – April 2020

This month’s Kudos Korner contribution was given by multiple members of our Board:

Yelena Shabrova   has been a colored pencil artist for over 10 years. Although her love of drawing impassions her to draw horses, landscapes, and flowers, her art reaches out to any number of subjects. You can find her incredibly beautiful artwork on her website at https://www.shabrova.com/.

Although Yelena has been with the Three Rivers Artist Guild only a few short years, she has recently become an integral part of our organization. Yelena’s vast and excellent computer skills are changing the TRAG website before our eyes. Connecting our artists to opportunities, updating our pages, creating an event calendar, posting events, and helping the Guild acquire the best financial bookkeeping system are only some of the tasks Yelena has undertaken since January. Additionally, she regularly takes on extra Gallery shifts if needed, and you will often meet Yelena and her husband attending many of the Guild members’ art shows – just to show their support. Kudos to Yelena for the small and large changes she has suggested, developed and executed for the board, the website, and TRAG’s members. If you see a post from Yelena on Facebook or Instagram, make sure you like or comment on her posting, and help support her as she has done for us!

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