Kudos Korner – Lynda Orzen-Founding

This month’s Kudo Korner contribution was given by multiple members of our Board:

 Lynda Orzen – Founding Member of TRAG.

Lynda Orzen has been involved with the Arts in Oregon City for over 20 years. She has been a strong voice of political activism for Oregon City for longer than that, and we are deeply grateful for her dedicated support in our community. Lynda is an integral part of our Three Rivers Artist Guild, and one of the main reasons we are in existence today.

Over the past two decades, Lynda has lent her personal involvement and support for the following art programs: The original Oregon City Arts Commission, the first Art Fair Event in Oregon City at Carnegie Park and the Pioneer Center which evolved into the Oregon City Festival of the Arts, the origination of our own Three Rivers Artist Guild, the main street “nomad” galleries in vacant retail and commercial spaces which is evolving into the SAGE project, and the origination of TRAG’s Holiday Show at the Pioneer Community Center.

However, Lynda’s accomplishments do not stop at promoting just Art in our Community. Lynda’s undying support for Oregon City also includes: serving as a member and Chair for Friends of the Library for more than 20 years, chairing the Political Action Committee for the new Library expansion, and working with the OC Police Department for a new police facility. All of these programs were passed and are still vibrant in part due to Lynda’s involvement. It is not surprising that Lynda was awarded Citizen of the year in 2015.

Lynda’s dedication for TRAG has never wavered. She still participates every year for the Festival of the Arts Committee, is a current and long-time member of our TRAG Board, manages the TRAG Holiday Show each year, publishes our TRAG newsletter each month, has recently volunteered to help with the Storefront Art Gallery and Events project (SAGE) which TRAG got funding for just last week, is assisting with the reinstitution of murals in Oregon City, and recently took a seat on the newest Oregon City Comprehensive Plan review committee to ensure that arts and culture take a prominent place in Oregon City’s overall plan.

I personally, as the current president of TRAG, would not know what to do without Lynda’s incomparable experience, input and willingness to give of her time. She is an exemplary model of what the word “volunteer” means, and how one person can change a City’s direction and culture. Please join me in giving Lynda a heartfelt Thank You and sincere acknowledgement of her support for the Three Rivers Artist Guild over the years. Let her be an example to all of us on how you can help our Guild and our community.

You are our hero!

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