Kudos Korner – Lynne Collum

This month’s Kudos Korner contribution was given by multiple members of our Board:
 Lynne Collum
Silversmith, Fiber Artist

Lynne has been a member of the guild for over 10 years. She has participated in all the TRAG festivals and art shows mainly as a silver artist. In the past couple of years, she has fallen in love with her sewing and embroidery machine making purses and fun bags. One thing you probably don’t know about Lynne is that she does the bookkeeping for the gallery.

Years ago, when the gallery was in the Friends of the Library Bookstore, Lynne took over the gallery bookkeeping from Janice Gunderson. When Lynne took over, she worked with Karin Morey the bookstore manager to verify sales. After being in the bookstore for several years, the guild’s gallery was invited to move into the Singer Hill Café.

Lynne created an inventory sheet and price tags to help artists keep track of their work when on display and sold. Each month the receipts and inventory sheets are gone over carefully so artists will be paid accordingly. A lot of guild members probably haven’t met our illusive bookkeeper. Lynne lives in Molalla and doesn’t attend the monthly membership meetings. You will see her in the gallery the beginning of the month doing the books so our artists will receive payment for sold artwork.

We want to thank Lynne for her years of volunteering for the guild and the experience and expertise she brings to the gallery.

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  • Tina Marquez

    My Mother-in-law loves the phone case/clutch we bought from you for her birthday at the end of the oregon trail artist festival. Keep up the amazing work! We hope to buy gifts from you again in the future.

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