Murals to Oregon City Coming Soon!

The mural code is on its final stages of being accepted by the City of Oregon City. After a year of hard work by Laura Terway Oregon City Community Development Director, Matthew Weintraub Toursim Specialist, the Oregon City Commissioners Board, and with the help of TRAG, the code is in its final stages of acceptance.

TRAG has already applied and received a grant through the Metro Enhancement Grant for two mural projects A restoration of the mural at Don Pepe’s of the Street car Trolley on Main Street will begin in September, and a new mural at the corner of 99 and Main Street at the White Rabbit Black Ink Coffee shop is in the planning stages.

Thank you Cathy Rowe from the the Three Rivers Artist Guild for all your hard work in helping to prepare the grant application. We are excited to have the funding available as soon as the mural code is in place. Keep your eye out for updates as we prepare for these two exciting mural projects.

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