New Mural in Oregon City to be Presented before the Oregon City Art Commission!

A Tribal Art Piece Depicting the Story of how Coyote and Meadowlark Created Willamette Falls

On Thursday May 19th, the Three Rivers Artist Guild with Confederated Tribal artist, Brian Krehbiel will be presenting a potential mural for final approval to the Oregon City Art Commission. The project is funded by the Metro Enhancement grant that TRAG received in 2021. The Art Commission meeting starts at 7 but the mural presentation will start about 7:30-7:45. Tamara Scott, president of TRAG will also be giving a presentation beforehand regarding the Guild and potentially how the Art Commission can support TRAG. The mural presentation will follow immediately after. 

The mural is planned for the side of White Rabbit Black Ink on the corner of 99 and Main in Oregon City. The artist, Brian Krehbiel, is a Confederated tribe member and will be depicting the tribal story of how Coyote and Meadowlark created Willamette Falls. It will cover a space of approximately 75′ x 19′ and is in the artistic genre of Tribal art. 

We are especially excited that Brian will start off the presentation before the Art Commission with a tribal song. If approved, the mural will begin on June 1st. Brian will also be starting the actual painting of the mural with a ceremonious tribal blessing song that day.

The public is welcome at all commission meetings either by Zoom or in person at the City Hall building at 625 Center Street in Oregon City. If you would like to attend by zoom, please contact Dan Gering at for the zoom link. The Agenda can be found on the City website at

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