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It has come to TRAG’s attention that there is no code in place to allow for the installation of murals in Oregon City. Although they were allowed in the past, the code has since been changed to coincide with the rules and regulations of signs. As a result, because the allowable sign dimensions are so restrictive, a large mural is no longer permitted.

We believe it is in the best interest of Oregon City to revise the current code, and once again allow murals to be installed. The aesthetics of murals within a City can greatly enhance a City’s character. Moreover, they can create an atmosphere that is conducive to tourism and commerce – and ultimately a thriving economy. Silverton, Estacada, and The Dalles are all relatively smaller towns. However, they are famous for their murals. As a result, they use these beautiful artistic creations in their marketing and advertising to build a stronger economy for their merchants.

We are asking for your support to change the code and once again allow murals in Oregon City. We want to make it clear that we are NOT asking for financial support. There are a multitude of grants available to fund this kind of project once they are permitted. What we do need from you is your voice and patronage. If you would like to support this exciting initiative, you can fill out the short form below that follows a letter of support.

The letters will be collected by TRAG and submitted to the City Commissioners to show our community’s support for murals in Oregon City. We will then follow up at a City Commission meeting with a short presentation and hopefully a vote of confidence to start the code change. There is strength in numbers and being able to voice our vision of a more beautiful Oregon City to those in charge can bring it to fruition.

Art changes who we are as human beings. It can transform a life, a community, a culture. Let’s work together to bring back the allowance of murals in Oregon City.


Trieste Andrews,
Three Rivers Artist Guild


  • Greta Schneider

    I am a local artist. I live near Oregon City. I have always just loved places that have murals and with all the history in and around Oregon City……it is the PERFECT place to take advantage of this form of outdoor artwork! Murals give a really nice experience and ambiance to a town, and especially for tourists visiting a place like OC…..and remember that saying…”a picture is worth a thousand words”……..and don’t waste that idea! -Greta Schneider

  • The murals in Silverton are amazing and historical. We need this in Oregon City too! Especially along the wall that takes you from the bridge to the rail road tracks–its an ugly back alley that could become something to be proud of. The Oregon Trail is something to be proud of, lets show it off.

  • Halima Taylor

    I always appreciate good murals, especially in smaller towns like Oregon City. It
    gives passers-by an incentive to stop.
    In these days of physical distancing they can be enjoyed from a safe distance.

  • Eleanor Ross

    I find that murals lend a sense of community and spirit to any town.

  • Rose Lefebvre

    I love visiting Silverton to see their murals. It draws people in. They are attractive and interesting. It would definitely brighten up downtown!

  • Lynda Orzen

    Our murals reflect our city’s heritage. Each time a mural is removed, we remove a part of our history. About 10 years ago, a walking tour map was created to celebrate our heritage and art. This was funded by a group of cultural organizations including the Oregon City 150 Leave A Legacy Task Force. With the loss of each mural, we lose our history. Only a handful of murals remain and are in jeopardy of being destroyed. Murals are not signs and do not belong in the sign code, they are art and a part of our history. Let’s try and celebrate our history and cultural achievements and begin to recreate our murals in Oregon City.

  • George Molnar

    I would love seeing more and new murals in Oregon City.

  • Natasha White

    I would love to see more murals in Oregon City. It would brighten up the town, add character, and new conversation starters.

    The schools could use them for examples for projects, and we could use them to tell the story of the town.

    Please reconsider.

  • Amanda

    One of the best things about the city of Sacramento, CA is the fun of turning a corner and seeing a beautiful mural! Murals give the city such character and really bring the community together. Oregon City would benefit from a mural program like Sacramento’s!

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