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00431 Vegan-wear, Amazing unisex collar necklace of nephrite & prairie agate, sterling silver.  $70.
ZIP Code: 97267
Artist Statement:

Our business model is to promote sustainability through the use of reclaimed materials to be made into new jewelry. We buy from and sell through charities and small local businesses so that the commissions we pay go to support sustainability and bring awareness that “recycled” can result in fine art and fashion. Many of our customers buy our more modest pieces for themselves and their loved ones. Collectors throughout the country have been purchasing our fine art jewelry as investments.

We have started a new line called The Vegan-wear Jewelry Collection. Many of our vegan friends asked us for jewelry that was free of animal products, such as shells, pearls, coral, leather, bone, horn, and teeth. Rather than silk, we string our beads with sterling silver or gold. We have included some of these pieces in our TRAG gallery.

No matter what your interest is in our jewelry, you can be sure that each piece is unique and one-of-a-kind.

Gifts to last the next thousand years.

  • #00890 Vegan-wear Jewelry. Unique necklace made from Sterling silver, picture jasper & Larimar pendant necklace. 16.5" length. $48.
  • #00036. Vegan-wear jewelry! Howlite, turquoise, sterling silver XL fringe bracelet. $28
  • #00761. Sterling silver, Baltic amber & fresh-water cultured pearl pendant necklace. $39
  • #00424. Bracelet. Sterling silver, black and white pearls, belly dancer bracelet.  White pearls move like fringe. $42
  • #00677. Sterling silver fairy wing earrings. Beautiful!  $69
  • #00747. Unisex, Sterling silver & black pearl necklace on silk.  17.5" length. $129
  • #00710. Three strand black pearl necklace with 14KYG bookclasp on twilight shades of silk.  $395
  • #00682. Adjustable sterling Baltic amber and pearl bracelet on green silk. $49
  • #00679. Sterling silver, turquoise, pearl, & coral focal necklace, silk. $99

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