TRAG gallery is going into storage

The TRAG gallery has been in Singer Hill Cafe for 10 years running very smoothly for all but the last year plus.  Unfortunately for us Singer Hill Cafe owners are remodeling for their future that will not include TRAG. We have been fortunate over all these years that the Singer Hill owners have offered us a home. We wish them well.

At this time with long discussions between the gallery managers and then a board vote we close out this chapter of the TRAG gallery at Singer Hill. The majority of gallery furniture has been sold and some went to the TRAG storage.

The gallery provided a special venue for new artist to experience being juried and sell their art for the first time. With an all volunteer TRAG membership more than just a location to sell art formed. We weathered some difficult times together over the last year.

As we go into the next year, we hope to recreate another TRAG gallery to call home.

Sue Woodworth
Jeanne Kelly-Brown
Holly Kroening

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