TRAG Gallery Note

Our TRAG Gallery has had the best of times and better times are slowly brewing for our future. November 30  was met with Phil and Vicki Yates as we moved out of the Singer Hill building and they are remodeling for the future. We all will miss times spent together.

As gallery managers: myself, Jeanne Kelly-Brown, Holly Kroenig welcomed Tamara Scott’s help every step of the way as we took care of business. We all cleaned, lifted toted and moved items out the door. It wasn’t an easy task as the holidays are coming and we all were working on our art projects at the same time.

Over the month our gallery furniture was purchased and welcomed into several new local galleries. The rolling card rack was delivered to a new Art start up in North Portland. The old oak jewelry case that was originally purchased from an antique shop where “The Hive” is, went to an artist consignment shop in Sandy, Oregon. Tamara took on the challenge of listing miscellaneous pieces to Craigslist and Marketplace. All in all we sold a total of $1650 and had a a minimal load to the dump. We thank the muscle men: my husband and Holly’s for taking on some big tasks.

TRAG needs to include a gallery in its future in promoting new and established artists and keeping local art in the community. That future gallery will come in time.

Best holiday wishes from your Gallery Managers:
Sue Woodworth
Jeanne Kelly-Brown
Holly Kroenig

Sue Woodworth
Gallery Manager

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