April Artist of the Month – Sharon Crocetti

Sharon Crocetti

Oils, Pencil, Charcoal

Sharon Crocetti web

“When I was just four years old,” Sharon tells us, “I drew all the time. My parents even found me drawing on the walls!” They wisely decided to harness this artistic energy, enrolling Sharon in children’s art classes at the Portland Art Museum. “Once a month, the teachers would take us through the museum, showing us both the permanent collections and traveling exhibits,” she remembers.

This classic art education stayed with Sharon as she took on a busy life as a homemaker and mother. Her husband’s military career required the family to move to many countries. “Wherever I was,” she recalls, “I always found artists with whom I could study.”

Her art blossomed as she gave her personal touch to classic subjects. Her still life paintings portray collections of her own items, always including something from Asia. Her series of geisha paintings honors a collection of centuries-old Asian drawings she found.

Her strong interest in the human figure and face has led to commissions in oil, pencil, charcoal and pastel. Her tranquil landscapes do not reveal the effort they require. “Once, I had to adjust the colors ten times to get the restful hues I wanted,” she reveals.

Sharon’s paintings finally led her to the Proctor Art Gallery in Tacoma. “For five years, my work was shown there daily, rotating monthly,” she shares. Relocating to Oregon, she moved easily into the local art community and continues her gallery involvement. You can reach Sharon at fcrocetti@q.com.

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