April Artist of the Month

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Anita Reuther – Collage

From her cozy studio, Anita reaches out to capture the world of nature in a stunning range of media. From the unforgiving precision of pen and ink to the subtle washes of watercolor, Anita’s gallery-quality artwork has delighted viewers for years. Her newest works, though, mark a new adventure into collage.

“Working in mixed media reminds me how much passion I have to create from an accumulation of pieces”, she tells us, “assembling ordinary materials into an alluring composition.” She chemically alters magazine pages, creating abstract fields of color which she cuts and tears into a finished work. This painstaking process gives her collages an especially “painterly” feel, much like the work of classic Impressionists.

Look closely at the woodland path in “A Walk before the Rain” or the black-feathered bird in “All is Good on the Western Front,” and it is hard to see the subtle scraps of paper that make the images sing.

Anita’s creativity is “in the genes,” she says, but adds that her artistic “inner voice is becoming stronger with age.” Now retired from the workforce, she can carve out more time for her artistic muse.

In addition to the collage collection at the Three Rivers Artist Guild Gallery, you can find her work at the Artist Exhibit Program at the Providence Willamette Falls Medical Center (1500 Division St., Oregon City) and later this year at the Gresham Art Festival on Saturday, July 19th. You can also reach her at anitar2@aol.com.

Preparing for an exciting new year

December 14, 2013 – The incoming TRAG board met for an afternoon retreat to talk about the new year, exciting events, and ongoing programs.

The 2014 board celebrates a new year.

The 2014 board celebrates a new year.

While more details will be announced (so stay tuned!), we do have a few things to announce.

  • February 15 – Art and Crab Fest – Museum of the Oregon Territory
  • July (last weekend) – First City Celebration – Main Street, Oregon City
  • August (mid) – Art on the Lawn – Holmes House (aka Rose Farm)
  • October – Hopkins “Forest of Arts” – Hopkins Demonstration Forest
  • December (first weekend) – Holiday Show – Pioneer Community Center

In addition, the board worked on an exciting year of general meeting presentation starting at the January 13 meeting!

Welcome to TRAG!

Our Mission

The mission of the guild is to promote an exchange of knowledge and information about all types of art and provide mutual support, encouragement, and education to all its members.