September Artist of the Month

Danna Barnes lo-res

Danna Barnes – Acrylics

Danna remembers how she felt when she discovered “the world of painting,” as she calls it. “Everything changed for me and never again will I take for granted the colors of a sunset or the changing hues of the ocean.”

Mostly self-taught, Danna prefers the quick-drying speed of acrylics to the slow work of oils. “I’m much too impatient for oils . . . when I’m working on a subject, I don’t want to wait for it to dry – I want to do it NOW! I’m a fast painter and often finish a painting in a week.”

Working from her Redland home (which she shares with her husband, dogs, cats and chickens), Danna adheres to a
disciplined routine. “Every morning, the first thing I do after coffee is paint,” she offers. “I spend three or four hours in my studio. I’m never without an idea because every day something else catches my eye.”

Danna brings varied themes to her gallery showings. Switching from her previous theme of ocean landscapes, she now focuses on the old west. “Dad’s Place” sets the tone with its aging farm house and abandoned pick-up. “One Holer” gives new beauty to the weatherworn wood of the leaning structure. “Chief Braveheart” pairs a wizened face with regal feathers.

Danna hopes to inspire her viewers with her wide-ranging themes. “I regret that I discovered the world of art . . . so
late in life,” she says, “but I’m determined to become the next Grandma Moses!”

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