May Artist of the Month – Marianne Ryder

Marianne Ryder

Oils, Acrylics,Watercolor & Colored Pencil

“My artwork represents three of my life interests – history, art and archaeology,” Marianne tells us. “[All three have] the ability to uncover and tell hidden stories.” She likes to think that her landscapes and still life compositions set the stage for her viewers’ own stories, sparking memory or imagination with tales to be told.

Marianne began working with paints – and words – at an early age. “I’ve been painting for almost as long as I can remember,” she offers. After receiving her BA in Fine Arts from Brandeis University with a major in painting, she worked as a technical writer to support her artwork. An adventurous move to
Oregon opened new vistas for both talents.

Here, she follows a seasonal pattern in her painting, sketching “plein air” (outdoors) in the summer before completing her works indoors in the rainy winter. Classically trained in oils, Marianne also enjoys
acrylics, watercolors and colored pencil. “Acrylics are easier to work with when time and space are limited,” she explains. “I also enjoy working with colored pencils and watercolor because they are portable and provide more opportunities to explore color and layering techniques.”

Working with words, she has co-authored two chapters in Brew to Bikes: Portland’s Artisan Economy (Ooligan Press, 2010). She is also exploring her own book on the history of studio glass.

Let your own stories find a home in Marianne’s thoughtful landscapes and still life works. Filled with detail and nuanced with color, they read like a poem – and can befriend you like a favorite book! You can reach Marianne at

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