August Artist of the Month

Sheridan Shimp

Sheridan Shimp – Watercolors & Pastels

“I can’t remember when I didn’t look at things around me and automatically see prospective paintings,” recalls Sheridan. “The love of . . . painting has been in my blood since early childhood.” Sheridan credits her mother for both her artistic genes and the love of nature that inspire her paintings. “She could throw seeds out in the dirt and somehow make beautiful gardens. I grew up wanting to emulate that miracle of color and rebirth.”

As an adult, Sheridan’s passions led to a career in ornamental horticulture and a hobby greenhouse in her own backyard! Once retired, she felt free to resume her artistic journey, painting loosely-styled landscapes in oils, watercolors, acrylics and pastels.

Working from quick watercolor sketches and high contrast studies, Sheridan develops the main values and shapes of each work before proceeding. “I’m fascinated with the contrasts between light and dark,” she explains. “Island Sunrise” takes us from the teal and bronze of the nighttime shore to the spectacular citrus tones of a tropical sunrise. “A Walk in the Park” captures a colorful medley of fallen autumn leaves on a sunlit-sparkled path. We are there with Sheridan as the quiet drama of changing light unfolds.

“The main focus of my art is to . . . capture . . . the beauty I see in nature and present it to others,” Sheridan tells us.
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timeless moment with one of Sheridan’s landscapes!

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