December Artist of the Month – Rusty Brown

Rusty Brown

Celtic Wood Carving

Rusty has always had a passion for art. During his teenage years in Myrtle Point, he crafted rosaries made from myrtle nuts. He began to explore wood carving in his college years. His focus on Celtic design began in 2002 with a friend’s commission to carve an anniversary gift for his wife. He created a Celtic interpretation of the “Tree of Life” for her – and that special tree launched his current art career!

Rusty’s fascination with this traditional art form stems from two main roots – his Scottish/Irish ancestral heritage and his Oregon pioneer family history, dating back to the 1850’s. He feels anchored and fulfilled by the traditional craft.

The carvings begin with intricate designs and chosen wood pieces, many reclaimed from scrap or second-hand stores. He
uses a scroll saw for the initial shaping, but does all his detail work by hand. A typical piece takes two to forty hours to complete. Larger pieces may take up to seventy-five.

Rusty’s Facebook page, (, reaches buyers as far away as the British Isles and Japan! (He traveled to Scotland recently to deliver one of his commissioned works.) He has also sold locally through several coffee houses in Portland, Milwaukie’s First Friday, coastal gift shops, and the TRAG Gallery.

Rusty donates 10% of his proceeds to the “Highway of Pennies for Doernbecher,” a fundraiser started by his father in 2004, which was inspired by his brother, who had bone cancer at the age of fifteen. Rusty’s carvings create art with a heart plus a wide reach through time and place! You can reach him at

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