Casey Shannon

Sumi-e "Lonely Cypress" (Sumi = ink) on Xuan
West Linn, OR
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Artist Statement

Casey Shannon BFA, MFA

I am a contemporary Sumi-e artist reaching beyond the limits of traditional ink painting and creating the ‘sound of one hand’. My paintings one would not generally call traditional sumi-e. However, I adhere to the traditional sumi-e principles and philosophies, as well as, the traditional preparation before beginning a sumi-e painting. Sumi-e expresses the character and soul of the artist. It is a meditative process and spiritually personal. Understanding this concept has been at the center of my art. I am currently the Director of the North American Branch of ICCPS - International Chinese Calligraphy and Ink Painting Society. This is a global society dedicated to the ancient art of sumi (ink).

I am an acclaimed international artist and have exhibited my work locally and world-wide. I have won many awards for my work including the prestigious ‘Sumi Art Cultural Award’ from the Jade Buddha Temple, LaioNing Province in AnShan City, China. I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Choiunard Art Institute Los Angeles, Ca., Teaching Credential from California State University, Los Angeles, and a Master of Fine Arts Degree from California State University, Long Beach. In addition, I have studied with renowned Chinese Painter Lian Quan Zhen and Master Sumi-e artist  Ji-yi-lou-zhu.

  • Sumi-e 'Autumn on the Mountain" Sumi (ink) and Watercolor on Xuan
  • Sumi-e 'Silence' Sumi (ink) brushed on Shikishi Board
  • Sumi-e 'Golden Rods Dancing' Sumi (ink) and watercolor on Xuan
  • Excellence Award at the Healing Power of Art Exhibition 2020, "Winter" Sumi (ink) and watercolor on Xuanr
  • Sumi-e "Dramatic Clinging" watercolor and Sumi (ink) on Xuan
  • Sumi-e "Red Moon over Forrest" Sumi (ink) brushed on Shikishi Board
  • Ensō Noble, Sumi (ink) brushed on Shikishi Board
  • Sumi-e 'Orchid Tea' (sumi (ink) and watercolor. East meets West.
  • 2019 Award Winner at the Sumi-e Society of America. "Mountain Music" Sumi (ink ) brushed on Shikishi Board

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