Linda Lee Marletto

House on the Edge Canvas 20x16, 24x18
LLeeM Digital Collage
PO Box 67152
Portland, OR 97268
ZIP Code:
Artist Statement:

I had a career as a registered nurse for many years. Encouraging and caring for others was one way of expressing creativity. Another was making items that I sold during the holidays and publishing devotionals taken from my journaling. To illustrate my booklets, I starting taking my own photos and using a computer and software to create art that went with what I wrote.
I use a computer and software to create digital collage art, using traditional artistic techniques in a non-traditional medium. To learn about the software, I take ongoing classes with instructors certified in the software programs I use. I also took drawing, watercolor and acrylic painting classes taught by a professional artist.
Just like traditional collage, I build my compositions layer by layer, blending everything together to make art that is totally different from the original components. My inspiration comes from nature, buildings, vintage art, textures, colors, and words. I love taking components from different photos, textures that I have created from photos, brushes created specifically for digital painting, and unusual colors to create a piece of art that has something to say.

  • Castle Moons Canvas or Metal Print 20x16 or 24x18
  • Flight of the Buttrflies Canvas or Metal Pring 16x20 or 18x24
  • Rose Metal Print 20x16 or 24x18
  • End of Time Canvas or Metal Print 16x20 or 18x24

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