Linda Lee Marletto

Joy is an Attitude Fine Art Print Matte Paper 2 sizes 8x10, 11x14,
Address: LLeeM Digital Collage
PO Box 67152
Portland, OR 97268
ZIP Code: 97267
Artist Statement:

I have been crafting and journaling for many years. Add a computer to that mix and a whole new world opened up for publishing my own booklets and illustrating them with photos and clip art. I took an introduction to Photoshop class which showed me a different way of expressing my artistic side. I also was inspired to try digital collage after reading Digital Art Wonderland by Angi Sullins & Silas Toball. Instead of a cutting or tearing paper, gathering different materials and objects to create a collage on canvas or other surfaces, I could create a piece of art digitally. The possibilities are endless, only limited by my imagination.
Starting with Photoshop Elements and later adding Photoshop software I was able to begin creating art that was inspired by photos, especially scenery, objects and even colors. I make my own digital papers called “textures”, scan in what I paint, take photos of objects to upload, and even use digital brushes. With software, I combine images that I digitally cut up, use digitally created textures, add scanned images, using multiple layers, blending effects, and filters to create digital collage art. Sometimes I add inspirational or encouraging words and combine them with my art. There are elements of mystery and nostalgia, whimsy, inspiration, fantasy and reality what I do.  I divided my art into different galleries based on what inspired me for that particular piece, like a scene or a texture, if I used colors that were brighter and lighter or had darker values.

I have published two photo journals based on my art along with an instruction booklet on disaster and spiritual preparedness. After years of journaling, I also published Spirit and Heart Words to Encourage and Inspire based on thoughts and prayers from my heart and words spoken to me by the Holy Spirit. Many of the words given to me were words that encouraged me and brought me hope during some of the darkest times of my life

  • Another Fall Fine Art Print 8x10, 11x14, or 16x20
  • Apple Harvest Fine Art Print  10x8, 14x11, or 20x16
  • Universe Declares Metal Print 11x14 or 16x20
  • Hope in Dark Times Fine Art or Photo Print 8x10, 11x14, 16x20
  • Dreaming in Purple Fine Art Print Matte Paper 3 sizes 8x10, 11x14, 16c20

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