Make a Mixed Media Kitchen Chicken with Holly Kroening (July 9, 2023)


Ages: 10 and Up

Join Art-O-Maddic artist, Holly Kroening for an afternoon of making a mixed media “Kitchen Chicken.”

You will go home with a 16 x 20 canvas mixed media of bright colors and your creative touch. She will support each individual step-by-step. Everything you need to make the “Kitchen Chicken” is included except you will need to bring the following:

  • Your own good pair of seeing scissors that come to a point (JoAnn Fabrics)

This class is for anyone who wants to experience a new medium. Holly will show you how to mix it up by using paint, fabric, Coffee grounds, and other materials.

I look forward to meeting you and having fun together. Space is limited to nine students.

No food or beverage are provided.

Cancellation Policy: No refunds or credits will be given if cancelled less than 24 hours prior to the start of the class.

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Painting with Melissa Gannon: Song Sparrow & Clematis – Ink & Wash

Combine ink and watercolor for a beautiful, spontaneous creation.

This project is a fun combination of watercolor and ink. Loose washes combined with detailed lines to create contrast and spontaneity. Easy to follow video tutorials, and reference photos are included. 

Bonus videos include an introduction to watercolor painting and 3 watercolor painting projects.

All for only $25.00

Have fun while you paint and enjoy the process!

Decorate a flower pot, plant flowers and listen to poetry readings about fascinating fauna in our gardens (May 13rd, 2023)

Join us for an afternoon of fun learning all about the amazing animals in our garden, and decorate a flower pot for Mother’s Day. We will start off the class reading poems from a book illustrated by the instructor, and then we will get to hear more about these interesting creatures. Next we will paint flower pots and plant flowers for Mother’s Day. Students will also receive extra flower seed packets to plant in their yards. Poetry books will be available to purchase and autograph by the illustrator.

Location: Art-O-Maddic Gallery in Canby

Cost: $40

Date and time: 1-2pm Saturday May 13rd

This class is for ages 6 and up We will have 12 seats available, and adults are welcome to join their children.Signup:

About the instructor: Heather Andrews is a research entomologist at Oregon State University. She works at a university extension office in Aurora where she studies growing practices in orchard crops that minimize their negative impact on the environment while maximizing yield. In her free time she makes jewelry, draws and also plays the harp.  

Decorate a native bee house and start your own mason bee colony! (March 11th, 2023)

Join us for a fun-filled workshop Saturday March 11th from 1-2pm at the Art-O-Maddic Gallery where we’ll learn all about native bees.  These insects play essential roles in maintaining a balanced ecosystem, and are important for pollinating all kinds of plants. But did you know that we have over 4,000 native bees right here in North America, and that many species nest in the ground or plant stems?

We’ll start out the class with a lesson on the different types of native bees here in the Willamette Valley, and the various kinds of habitat they need. Then we will decorate mason bee houses. Students will also receive several mason bee cocoons to start their own colony, seed packets to plant native flowers in their yard, a coloring book with recipes and plenty of information on native bees, and a poster with the different native bees found right here in Oregon. 

Location: Art-O-Maddic Gallery in Canby

Cost: $50

Date and time: 1-2pm Saturday March 11th 

This class is for ages 6 and up 

We will have 15 spots available, and parents are welcome to join their children.

Make a peacock spider card and learn about arthropods that woo their Valentine with Heather Andrews (February 11th, 2023)

From dances to gift giving, some insects and spiders have creative ways of asking the age-old question “Will you be my Valentine?” Join us for an afternoon of fun where we will learn all about arthropods that woo their valentine.

After the lesson we will make peacock spider valentines. These spiders do a very intricate and flashy dance for their sweetheart. We will have all kinds of craft foam, paper, glitter, pipe cleaners and much more so that you can make your spider as fancy as you wish!

Location: Art-O-Maddic Gallery in Canby
Cost: $45
Date and time: 1-2pm Saturday February 11th
This class is for ages 6 and up

We will have 12 spots available, and parents are welcome to join their children.

Map Questing-Landscape Collage Using Maps with Susan Schenk (February 19th, 2023)


In-person with Susan Schenk
Sun, Febuary 19, 20239:00am – 5:00pm
All Levels

If you’ve made abstract collages, you are ready to take mixed media to a new level. Learn to use torn and cut maps and magazine pages to create striking, realistic landscapes. Discover how to use recycled paper as if it is paint to create a unique work of art. You will be guided through the technical challenge of making realistic renderings from recycled materials, and produce one or two frame-ready works of art.

Learn more about Susan Schenk

Wintering-in with Spiritual Intent (January 11th, 2023)

As we break into the new year, we may find ourselves uninspired in this dark, damp month. We’ll come together to explore creative ways we can bring sacred light into our lives. Taking a look at images of light, we’ll create our own with oil pastels, acrylics and ink. We’ll pause to meditate on bringing this glow inward and extending it outward into our communities and world. 

Date: Wednesday January 11th   Time: 10am – 12pm

Leader: Denise Andersen Cost: $25 per personRegister through the Franciscan Spiritual Center.

The class will be held at St. Catherine Hall on the former Marylhurst College campus.  3159 Furman Dr., Marylhurst, Oregon

Woodcut Printing Demonstration at OSA (November 10th, 2022)

In-person with Jef Gunn

Thursday, November 10 | 4:45 – 5:45pm | Free

Woodcut, or wood block printing, is just about the world’s oldest printmaking method. It’s very basic, and yet powerful images are possible. On November 10, Jef Gunn will demonstrate how it’s done! In one hour, he’ll show us the basic process: from laying out the design, cutting the block, inking it and printing it by hand. There will be some discussion of tools, design, cutting process and printing process.

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