Artist Gallery Guidelines

Starting with your gallery

Note: your profile on the website, which is referenced in the the password reset email (, is only to give you an option to change the username, email, or password if you need to. You can ignore everything else you see there. 

All artist galleries are categorized by a primary medium. If you work in more than one, put the rest under “Tags” when you create the gallery. Tags don’t require capitalization, punctuation, or hash (#) symbols in front of them. Keep them as short as possible.

If you don’t want to publish a phone number or any other contact info, leave it blank, and it will not show on your gallery page. 

As you add images to your gallery, successfully uploaded images will show as thumbnails with a text field for artwork details next to it. You can upload more than one image at once. 

Editing your gallery

If you are still logged in, there will be the “Edit” button either under your gallery at or under your name in your gallery which will have a link similar to (replace YOUR-NAME with your actual first and last name and a hyphen between them). Click it, and you will see the same form you used to create the gallery. Everything in it will be editable.

If you are logged out, go, log in, and you will be taken to the list of galleries at You can find your galley under your chosen category at the top of the page or go to your gallery at

Getting help

If you have any trouble with setting up or editing your gallery, contact Yelena Shabrova at