Cathy Rowe

Branching Out
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923 Hazelwood Dr., Oregon City, OR 97045
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Artist Statement

I am an acrylic and mixed media painter, illustrator, and muralist. My vividly colorful works combine influences from nature and imaginative whimsy. My paintings and illustrations use intense colors in an attempt to capture the emotional memory of a place, object, or idea. How did it feel? How could it feel? I will often incorporate some textural element(s) to give the piece a more dimensional life. My digital illustrations follow this path as well but with a narrative twist, focusing more on a character or moment. Most of my works are created relatively small and feel personal and intimate. Although, I also paint large scale murals (like the Red Trolley Mural Restoration in Oregon City). It is my hope that those that view my works feel joy in what they see.

  • Less Than Grounded
  • Wisteria Ballerinas
  • Blue Bird
  • Clearing Skies
  • Snowy Crater Lake
  • Red Trolley Mural Restoration
  • Pioneer Dance
  • Do You Want to Build a Snowman
  • Purple Crocuses

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