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Ocean Vibes
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12652 SE 25th Ave, Milwaukie, OR
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I work as a jewelry maker and mosaic artist. A Graphic Designer for many years, I longed for a more tactile form of expression which manifested into creating mosaic art and sculpture. Exploring the art of mosaic took me to a class on the Italian art of micromosaic, from there I began to explore and expand on those techniques.

To create my one-of a kind jewelry pieces I painstakingly sort tiny bits of leftover glass and hand crush them into frit. I add the frit layer upon layer into my wire design until I am satisfied with the texture, color and sparkle. I often add natural elements such as crushed shell, pearls, semiprecious stones as well as found objects into my pieces.

My designs often have recurring ocean/beach themes (who doesn’t dream of being a mermaid?) and the mountains and rivers of the Pacific Northwest also find their way in. Catching a beautiful moon rise or just endless fiddling with wire can also inspire my unique pieces.

I make my jewelry to speak to every woman’s creativity, playfulness and style and hope the joy I find creating shines through in every piece!

I have previously shown my mosaic work at the Bandon Library Art Gallery, Portland Love Show, Cracked Pots and Western Rivers Conservancy.

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