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Starting this May, a new section on the TRAG website will feature all members who offer classes, workshops, art demos, or private teaching. 

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Learn about maternal insects and make a necklace and card for Mother’s Day

Let’s celebrate Mother’s Day! Mothers are very important to humans, as well as some insects. From earwigs to carrion beetles, there are several species of insects that are great mothers.  Did you know that tsetse flies produce milk that they feed to their babies???  You’ll learn all about these fascinating critters and more during this class!  Then will get to make a beautiful necklace from all natural beetle wings and a card for the special mother in your life 🤗🦋💕

Date and time: Tuesday May 3rd 5:30-7:30pm

Cost of class: $50

Open to ages 6 and up 

Please follow this link for additional information, and to signup:

Decorate a native bee house and start your own mason bee colony!

Bees play essential roles in maintaining a balanced ecosystem, and are important for pollinating all kinds of plants. But did you know that we have over 4,000 native bees right here in North America, and that many species nest in the ground or plant stems? Join us for a fun-filled afternoon with artist/entomologist Heather Andrews learning about these diverse and fascinating insects. 

We’ll start out the class with a lesson on the different types of native bees here in the Willamette Valley, and the various kinds of habitat they need. Then we will decorate mason bee houses.

Students will also receive:

  • Several mason bee cocoons to start their own colony
  • Seed packets to plant native flowers in their yard
  • A coloring book with recipes and plenty of information on native bees
  • A poster with the different native bees found right here in Oregon

This class will be offered at two different locations on different dates. The format for both classes will be identical, but the mason bee houses are slightly different styles. These classes are open to ages 6 and up.

Blue Pine Gallery
Date and time: March 19 th , 1-3pm
Cost: $50
Location: 761 NW 12 th ST., Gresham, OR 97030

Date and time: March 22 nd , 5:30-7:30pm
Cost: $60
Location: 181 N Grant St., Suite 107, Canby, OR 97013

About the instructor: Heather Andrews is a research entomologist at Oregon State University.  She works at a university extension office in Aurora where she studies growing practices in orchard crops that minimize their negative impact on the environment while maximizing yield.  In her free time Heather makes jewelry, draws and also plays the harp.

The Clay Place Re-opens for Fall 2020!


The Clay Place is the Umpqua Valley region’s only community Clay Studio! For beginners and lifelong learners (artists never stop developing!), we offer classes with instruction in a variety of ceramic techniques. For those with prior experience in ceramics, we offer a flexible open-studio schedule, with access to a full service ceramics studio, including electric and kick wheels, glazes, and firing. Our classes are open for teens and adults. After a lengthy closure necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are now pleased to be opening our doors again, and inviting community members into our newly renovated studio space! Our studio space now features new lighting, new fans, new wiring, a fresh paint job, a new industrial sink, and some new shelving. We hope that you can join us for this fall semester, and become part of the thriving clay community that has grown up over the years at The Clay Place.

As we have in the past, we offer two different registration levels:
10-Pack (for those with prior ceramics experience, hoping primarily to utilize open studio hours): a 10-pack gives the registrant 10 blocks of studio use, or 20 hours of studio time.Full-Pack (for those who have little prior ceramics experience and need instruction from our two highly knowledgeable Clay Place instructors; also suitable for those who plan to utilize a larger amount of open studio hours): a Full-Pack gives the registrant 35 blocks of studio use (or a total of 70 hours of studio time).
COVID-19 has changed some of our policies and the structure of our classes. In order to allow for social distancing, we must limit the number of people in the Clay Place at a given time. This means that our registration policies have changed slightly. Our two registration levels now guarantee a certain number of blocks of studio time, but registrants will need to sign up for the specific times they wish to utilize the studio.

A sign-up sheet for specific blocks of studio time will be posted at the entrance to the Clay Place (outside the large orange door), starting the week of September 22. Registrants may sign up for all the spots they intend to use right away, or they may wait until later in the semester to sign up. The hours that the studio will open are listed below in this email. Those taking a clay class for the first time are encouraged to sign up for blocks of time on Wednesdays or Thursdays, when instructors will be present to help you with your ceramics goals!
Click Here to Register for Fall 2020 Classes at the Clay Place
Fall 2020 Studio Schedule
September 30 – November 24, 2020 

The Clay Place will be open the following hours:
Mondays: Open Studio, 10am-2pm
Tuesdays: Open Studio, 10:30am-2:30pm
Wednesdays: Instruction and Open Studio, 3pm-7pm
Thursdays: Instruction and Open Studio, 11am-3pm
Fridays: Open Studio, 3pm-7pm


The Clay Place has recently undergone some exciting renovations! We have new lighting, a new industrial sink with hot and cold water, new fans, and new shelving, as well as a fresh coat of paint!

These renovations would not be possible without the support of our community of volunteers, including both regular Clay Place artists and our Board of Directors.

Please stop by to see our new space starting on September 30!

The Clay Place now has its very own podcast, The Clay Pod. Bi-weekly, we bring you interviews with artists and educators from the region who work with a variety of ceramics media.

The Clay Pod offers exciting and informative content! Our goal is to introduce you to strategies for ceramic creation that respond to the unique context of the Umpqua Valley region and its artists.

Head to the Clay Place website to stream our first episodes!

We have a new fee structure for Fall 2020 at the Clay Place. These new fees take into account our commitment to paying our instructors and studio techs a fair wage for their expertise, and their increased responsibilities during the epidemic. It also reflects

10-Pack (Non-UVA Member): $135
10-Pack (UVA Member): $125

Full-Pack (Non-UVA Member): $235Full-Pack (UVA Member): $215

Our weekly themes, for those who will be attending on days when instruction is offered (recommended for beginners):

Week 1: Coils, pinch pots, soft slab bowls and the physics and chemistry of clays.
Week 2: Soft slab mugs, joining leather-hard slabs, hump molds, tiles, surface and texture.
Week 3: Kick and electric wheel throwing; cylinders and under glazes.
Week 4: Kick and electric wheel throwing; bowls; glaze theory and application.
Week 5: Kick and electric wheel throwing; plates and glazes on pots.
Week 6: More glazing, stains, oxide painting and larger pots.
Week 7: More glazing, stains, oxide painting and larger pots.
Week 8: Extruder, molds, coil and throw techniques and more surface decoration. 

Need to buy more clay, for your classroom or your personal use?
The Clay Place is a distributor for Clay Art Center in Takoma, WA, and Ted Isto can order you clay, glaze materials, and other ceramics-related items at excellent prices! Contact UVA for details. The Clay Place also keeps a wide variety of clays in stock, so whatever you are looking for: chances are we have it, or can order it for you.
We are a community and your safety and health matter to us! Because the Clay Place is an indoor public space, cloth face coverings (masks) will be required in the studio, until such point as Oregon regulations discontinue the need for masks. UVA and the Clay Place comply with all state and local requirements for public safety in the pandemic, and will keep all registered artists apprised of any changes in studio safety requirements. We appreciate your help, and your support, in these difficult times.

Visit The Clay Place for more information

New Classes at The Red Trillium Studio

Paint a Dahlia in watercolor with Artist Instructor Mary Elle

We will paint a dahlia on 8” x 8” watercolor paper. Emphasis will be on shading and blending colors, creating depth and contrast.

Sept 24th, 2020 
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Cost: $60 per person(No photo available for this class)

Elements of Nature and Texture in Watercolor with Artist Instructor Anji Grainger

Class Fee: $ 285
Date:  Dec 4th, 5th & 6th, 2020
Time: 9am to 5pm

Sunset Beach with Artist Instructor Bonnie Moore 

Fee: $50
Date: Sept. 23rd, 2020
Time: 1pm. to 5pm.

Serene Scene in Watercolor with Artist Instructor Bonnie Moore

Fee: $50
Date: Oct 28th, 2020
Time: 1pm. to 5pm.


The Red Trillium Studio
371 E. Historic Columbia River Hwy, Troutdale, OR 97060


Email:         Alternative Email:

Upcoming Classes at Red Trillium Gallery

Painting Glass in Watercolor with Mary Elle

August 18, 2020    
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Location: Red Trillium Gallery Classroom
371 E. Historic Columbia River Hwy,
Troutdale, OR 97069

Cost:  $60 per person

We will paint a small collection of glass pieces (3) with the objective of learning to save the highlights, capture the play of reflected light and color between the objects and create a sense of transparency in the glass pieces.

Register and info:

The Magic of Watercolor with Bonnie Moore

Fee: $60

Date: August 20th.
Time: 10am. to 5pm.
Location: Red Trillium Gallery Classroom
   371 E. Historic Columbia River Hwy, Troutdale, OR 97060

Let’s play with watercolor and some Kosher salt! Experience the excitement of creating a dramatic background that you don’t have to fuss with.

Register & Info:

Upcoming Classes at Red Trillium Gallery

Mixed Media Painting Class with artist instructor Julie Jeanseau
Aug 8, 2020

Zentangle Introduction with Cindy Lenig Cossu
Aug 8, 2020

Monday Night Oil Painting Class with artist instructor Julie JeanseauAug 10, 2020 – Aug 31, 2020

The Magic of Silk Painting with Linda Swindle
Sep 27, 2020 – Sep 28, 2020

Felted, Fused & Funky Fun with Linda Swindle
Sep 29, 2020

Zentangle Introduction with Cindy Lenig Cossu
Oct 17, 2020

Intro to Photoshop for Photographers Class with Patrick Campbell
Nov 14, 2020

See all details at

Upcoming Workshops and Classes at Red Trillium Gallery

Pointillism Class with Parris Foley
Jun 27, 2020

Vintage Tag Journal with Camille Ainsworth
Jul 11, 2020

“Van Gogh’s the starry night” Class with Renee Chaffee
Jul 11, 2020

“Lavender Fields” Beginner Paint Class with Renee Chaffee
Jul 12, 2020

Using Nichiban Tape as Masking with Mary Elle
Jul 13, 2020

Garden Stake Workshop with Phyllis Flury
Jul 18, 2020

Intro to Photoshop for Photographers Class with Patrick Campbell
Jul 18, 2020

The Magic of Silk Painting with Linda Swindle
Jul 19, 2020 – Jul 20, 2020

Felted, Fused & Funky Fun with Linda Swindle
Jul 21, 2020

Magic of Watercolor Class with Bonnie Moore
Jul 23, 2020

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