Melody Bush

Southern African Butterflies Book Carving
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I LOVE books! My life revolves around books and has for a very long time. I work in an elementary school library, I am an avid reader, AND I create art using books!!

I started doing book art in the summer of 2018. I am self-taught. I do book carving and book folding. I love taking a book and turning it into something unexpected- a piece of art! I feel good about taking books that would eventually end up in landfill and giving them a new life.

I am on Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, and Pinterest as Book Art by Melody.

All my books are done by hand, a page at a time. I find the books at used bookstores, library sales, discard bins, garage sales, free boxes... everywhere!

  • The Secret Life of the Forest Book Carving
  • An Introduction to Trees Book Carving
  • Deer Book Sculpture
  • Pinecone Book Sculpture
  • Paperback Candleholders
  • LOVE Book Sculpture
  • Cat Book Sculpture
  • Thorburn's Birds Book Carving
  • Western Cape Sandveld Flowers Book Carving

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