2021 Holiday Show – August Update

Now that we have the fantastic Festival of the Arts behind us, it’s time to look to our future events. The Holiday Show is happening this year. Set up will be on Friday, December 3 and show days on December 4 and 5. We are thinking of changing the times this year to 9 till 4 on Saturday and 10 till 4 on Sunday.

This show is only for members of the guild that have been juried in to either the gallery or another guild event. There will be 39 booths currently available: 35, 6 ft by 8 ft spaces and 3, 24 inches by 12 feet spaces. Cost will be $60 for a full space and $40 for partial.

The application will be in the September 15, 2021 newsletter.


  • Arlene

    Hi I am new to doing a show with you! Will I have to set up with grids or are there some to use to hang my art on? I do not have any? Will tables be available? What is a 2 ft space? Can spaces be shared? When do I sign up?

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